Sunday, July 1, 2012

Best friend’s wedding

On 24th June 2012, I attended to my best friend’s wedding at Tapah. It was EY’s big day! My words can’t describe nicely about the wedding scene and my feeling. Just let photos and pictures to do it!


Arrived at Tapah early morning.



My first time to be “heng dai”. Heng dai (in chinese) is those who accompany the groom to get through all the difficult tasks given. Heng dai means groomsmen but not best man. The pic shows we were getting through together with the groom.



Photo session with Groom and his beloved. =)



Next,is the photo session of Heng dai gang.


Congratulation to my best friend, EY! The following are my wishes to them.


百年好合,夫妻和顺 =D