Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Starting of my Final Year Project(FYP) in Year 3

Started to do my FYP today. Although it sounds not a easy task, but I think I’m capable to finish it. FYP stands for final year project, it is a project that every university student will take in their final year. There is nothing to do in the lab except the listen to the briefing that conducted by a master student, Gan. I think he is a very friendly and nice person that I realized from the conversation with him. He did explain alot of things that I not really understand about my FYP. =)

Tomorrow I will enter into the lab to start my FYP. Hope everything will go smooth in my FYP. I’m here to wish myself good luck and to everyone that involved in the FYP. LOL Let’s work hard for it together! At the same time, we need to enjoy our final year uni life in Kampar!

Monday, May 28, 2012

New life in year 3

Today is the first day in my year 3 university life. It also means that I’m officially a year 3 student now. I’m a senior right now. Haha! The sadness and laziness of previous semester will not be brought into the current semester. No matter what happen, I should keeping on looking forward and looking for the way to improve myself. In this semester, my new life start all over again.  =)