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Ipoh Day Trip: Gunung Lang, Egg tart and Onn Kee Bean Sprouts Chicken

Let’s continue the my visitation to Ipoh..

As we know, Ipoh is located at the North of Kampar. It took me almost 1 hour to travel from Kampar to Ipoh. Ipoh has a nickname called City Hill, city plus hill? Absolutely. Ipoh is surrounded by many hills and caves which I can found some of them in the centre of Ipoh.


Gunung Lang, it is one of the hills in Ipoh which located at some where around Hovid. It just took a couples of minutes from Hovid to Gunung Lang. You could explore more natural views in Gunung Lang by taking the boat to cross the lake. However, I didn’t have the chance to explore it.


PA303075This picture was took at Gunung Lang. I were just stayed at here around 20 to 30 minutes since I’m gonna to have a nice movie in Ipoh – Real Steel.


After finished the awesome movie, Hsiang introduced us the most popular egg tart and salty chicken in Ipoh. However, I didn’t buy the salty chicken because I don’t think I can finish the whole chicken for my dinner. X) I bought the hot egg tart for my snack instead.


The famous egg tart in Nam Heong Coffee Shop. It gave me different sense of satisfaction on my taste bud when compared to the egg tart sold at Kampar. This is the food you must get for yourself when you got the chance to visit Ipoh.



I got this from Nam Heong Coffee Shop too! I’m not sure what is this called as. But, one thing for sure, it is really tasty! =D


After bought the egg tart, Hsiang fetched other friends went back to their home while I continued to look for some thing delicious at Onn Kee Restaurant. I visited to Lou Wong Bean Sprout Chicken (Nga Choi Gai) Restaurant with my housemates last time. X) This time I went to Onn Kee, just located opposite to Lou Wong Restaurant. The meatballs was very yummy! I just can’t stop to eat the next one before the first one enter into my stomach.




Bean Sprout Chicken is the most famous food in Ipoh! It’s different from others that you eat in any places other than Ipoh. =) I knew more about Ipoh more after this trip.


Lastly, I’d enjoyed the day trip with my friends and I hope I can hang out with them in the coming ages. Thousands of thank you to Hsiang and Jian. =)