Saturday, November 12, 2011

A date with my girl: Exploration to Penang


Do you know my name? LOL! It had been written obviously and hugely on the beach which shown above!

Hi, I’m Kokv! XD I would like to share with you about the places I went to few weeks ago.


I visited to several places in Penang which include the well-known Batu Ferringhi Beach. Batu Ferringhi Beach is an attractive and comfortable beach in Penang. A lot of activities you could do at the beach such as parasailing and jet skiing if you like water sports activity. How if you don’t like those activities? Hmm.. May be you could just lie on the seat and enjoy the breeze and beach view.



Or else, you could mimic the couples who were walking on the beach with bare legs and holding each other hand.



A nice shot of her shoes covered by the coarse sands.



This is me again! I’m Kokv! XD



This was taken by her when we were at Penang Hill. I really enjoyed the cold and fresh air on the hill. Of course, I also get to know more about the private villas with hundred years old.



This is the famous temple-Kek Lok Si’s cable car railway. Compared to Penang Hill’s railway, this is shorter and slower. X)



I had the most famous food in Penang – Asam laksa and sugar cane juice as our lunch after came down from Kek Lok Si. YUMMY!!




Penang Laksa is the big hit in town! I ordered it again as dinner at Gurney Drive. In addition, you must try the well known fried oyster and Char Kuay Teow in Penang!



Fried chicken skin!. You never forget to get this at Gurney Drive if you like to eat fried foods!




To be continue..

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