Sunday, November 20, 2011

An awesome journey to Penang



Last time I forgot to mention the famous “Mua Zi”that you can get it at Gurney Drive. I have never eaten “Mua Zi”before, but I love it after I tried. XD I highly recommend you to try this!



We had some alcoholic drinks at a pub. It took us 5 minutes to travel from hotel to the pubs. We ordered Hoegaarden and Strongbow as our drinks. Strongbow is much more easily to be consumed by those who rarely take alcoholic drinks. This is because Strongbow is sweeter compared to others.



This is me! I’m enjoying my Hoegaarden at the pub. However, it caused me tipsy after I finished it. @.@ We hung out till 12pm at the pubs before we go back to hotel.



Yong Tau Fu. I got one from the hawker who sells this in front of the pubs before go back to hotel. Is it looks very weird when a Yong Tau Fu hawker sells this in front of the clubbing area? The thing becomes more weird when you take this after the alcoholic drinks. But, a different sense of satisfaction I gained from it compared to eating Yong Tau Fu in normal meal.



The next day, I visited Fort Cornwallis. I’m acting as army to shoot. Don’t be dirty-minded.



A beautiful girl besides the cannon.



These were taken at one of the biggest church in Penang, St George Church. 


This is my Penang trip. Penang is one of the place you must visit in Malaysia and its foods are very delicious too! XD I love Penang! Besides, I hope to visit Penang with Joseph they all again. =D

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