Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ipoh Day Trip: A Visit to Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fah and Kong Heng Coffee Shop

During the semester of internship, I don’t need to write my practical report and submit it on time to my lecturer. What I need to submit is just a biweekly report instead. Despite I have been leaving early and returning late since my intern started, from Monday to Friday, but I have plenty of time to do whatever I like to do on my weekends. Let’s say, I grabbed the chance to visit Ipoh officially under the accompany and guidance of my friends.


Funny Mountain Soya Bean, was the place I met up with my friends in Ipoh. This is also the place I took the famous Tau Fu Fah and soyabean. Alot of customers were queuing when we just arrived there. Meanwhile, some customers were queuing by driving cars too. This is because drive-thru service is being provided here! Funny Mountain Soya Bean might be the first and only one Tau Fu Fah seller who offers the excellent drive-thru service in Malaysia.


This is puiyeng. She enjoyed her Tau Fu Fah even though she has been here with her family before.



Look at these two guys! They’re my friends, the left one called Wei Jian and the right one named Weng Hsiang. Jian is from Kuala Kangsar, he purposely come to Ipoh to join us while Hsiang is a local. Both of them always be the trip planner among my friends. Besides, Francies joined the day trip too. But, I don’t have her photo, you can’t see her beautiful face here. What a waste.

If you’re Tau Fu Fah or Soya bean lovers, you may visit to Funny Mountain Soya Bean to get one!


I had my brunch at Kong Heng Coffee Shop, which is located at the centre of Ipoh oldtown.  I ordered the well known Poh Piah and Kai See Hor Fun as my meal.


Steamed Poh Piah and Fried Poh Piah. Both are delicious equally. However, I prefer the fried one because it’s crunchy! XD *I like crunchy foods!



This is the famous Kai See Hor Fun (chicken kuey teow soup) in old town, Ipoh. Kai See Hor Fun is quite nice especially it’s prawn-taste soup added with Hor Fun. You must try this when you got the chance to visit here.


Besides, a food called Lor Bak (Marinated Minced Pork) that you can get at here. The perfect slice Lor Bak is nice to be served with the given chili sauce. You may eat it alone, nevertheless.

Lor Bak

Lor Bak. (Picture taken from others)

I highly recommend you to try this! With or without chili sauce? I prefer with chili sauce! Anyway, it can satisfy your taste bud either! =D

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