Thursday, September 22, 2011

The feelings after finals and before internship

I’m had spent my 15 minutes to decide that whether I should use Chinese or English to update my blog. After write and erase few rows of words, I decided to choose English in this time. From the beginning, I wish to use Chinese to write my blog, just because I can express myself and my feelings by using appropriate words and sentences. And I believed that I can utilize my Chinese since it’s a very long time I didn’t write Chinese words. But, the main purpose I write blog is used to practice and improve my English Language.. Hmm.. SO, I chose English!

In the passed two weeks, I had spent most of my time to concentrate on my studies for sitting my final exams. “Properties of organic compounds” is appeared as the first subject in the final exam for chemistry’s student. Of course! I’m one of them. For this subject, I had spent plenty of time to understand it, understand it and link all the related topics together. As usually, most of the students can answer well in this easiest subject even some of them can scored a FULL mark in mid-term. I’m jealous. I can’t be one of the full mark scorers. I hope I will be one of them in the future!

Transition element and coordination compound is the second subject in final exam, I’m disappointed to this subject. Because there is something tougher is not come out in the exam, and what I expected is the 18 electron counting will involve “bridging ligand”, however, the simplest question was came out in the question paper. (Not syiok ad! XP) In the exam, if something new that you never see before and you has no idea how to solve the question. “DON’T BLAME the lecturers, PLEASE blame to yourself! You never motivate yourself to get more info and enhance your knowledge in the particular field, this is your fault. Definitely.” This is what I told myself, I rarely study reference book due to my sleepy-behavior when facing those 2inches-thick book. X) I prefer to watch drama or movie rather than spending time on facing reference book. I’m such a lazy boy! =D

The most saddest is my colloid and surface chemistry paper. I thought I can score well in this paper, but the fact telling me that I can’t do that. 8 marks, 8 marks I will lose in this paper, confirmed. Initially, I’m wrote my answer confidently, but in fact I did the wrong one in my answer sheet. My 8 marks gone! And this 8 marks will cause my paper grade goes down for one grade. T.T

Haizzz.. I wish I have a time-machine. Then I can rewind the time and go back to change my answer sheet. But, I know it’s impossible. I couldn’t do this.. After these few weeks, my intern is coming soon. And I planned to explore Ipoh area and Penang as well during my internship period. Coz next semester, I will bring up my small little kelisa to “race” with her small little kancil! XD

Now, I’m expecting something good will happen on me especially during my intern in Hovid Ipoh. In the coming semester, will not to meet most of my friends, let’s CIMB Octopus and Rio wish us ALL THE BEST during our internship!



Anji said...

Keep up the English! You write very well.

I visit your blog when I’m on ExposeYourBlog!

kokv said...

Anji: Thanks alot for your encouragement! For those people aren't confident like me, we really need your encouragement! Thanks! :)