Sunday, August 7, 2011

Feelings of after midterm

After my midterm exam for colloid chemistry, I felt very sad that how come I cannot remember whatever I had read. I start to realize my memorizing ability is it already reached to the maximum. Hear from others, our brain can be occupied by the millions of books from 500 libraries. But how come I cannot but others can did it well? Sometimes, I really felt disappointed to myself.

Besides, the subjects in this semester are seem difficult especially for the second part of transition. I don’t how to cope the subject with the given notes which is not much thing to read. The given lecture notes is only attached with few slides and limited information for that topics. I really worrying how am I going to overcome this problem. I know that borrowing a reference book from library is an alternative to solve the problem. Unfortunately, for my studying style, I will be bored and feel sleepy when I had to face a reference book with thousands of pages.

For the next coming lab test, I don’t what can I read. Even the lecturer Dr. Yip ask us not to study, because as he said, there is nothing to read for this colloid chemistry lab test. However, I felt not secure if I did not read anything before examination. This lecturer always set alot of traps in our exam. Since last time midterm test, I had “fallen” into his traps.. >.< So, for his exam, I promised myself not to get into his trap again!

For this few days, I felt that my time was wasted on facebook and online game. I just spammed my friend’s wall post with the cooperation from other coursemate. Felt excited and enjoy the process when we’re spamming her wall post. LOL But, at the same time, I’m felt so sad that got complains from cousins. Cousins, sorry.. Please blame to my lecturers who did not give me again lab report to do in my weekend, don’t blame me.. XP

I still have another BORING Sunday to go. Study? I don’t even have the “ohm” to study. I had planned to finish at least one of the organic lecture notes by today. But, the fact is i had spent my time to sleep for 3 hours snap and spammed other’s facebook wall post. Just because the extremely hot weather in kampar had make me so sleepy when I facing my notes.. >.<

God, please give me motivation to study all the things I suppose to study. Seriously, I need your guidelines to let me understand all the notes and get the correct answers in the coming exams. I’m praying hard everyday that I hope to get a good internship company in Ipoh..



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