Thursday, July 7, 2011

Transformer 3: Dark of The Moon and Awfully Sweet Carlo Rino

A very long time I didn’t update for my blog.. Just because I were busy on studying and writing my lab reports. The lab reports were given by the lecturers which are never stop until I' graduate. LOL Other than that, I’m also preparing my surprise for her since last week.. =)

I had planned to give her a mini game to look out for the surprise! Firstly, I gave her some clues to find a small paper which I already hided them in the house without her awareness! Hahaha! According to the papers, finally she get the surprise I gave her~Yea! She like this bag so much~ ^^ She felt very happy when she looking at her new fashion bag and she keep saying “This is mine, this is mine!”~ =D


The above bag is what I mentioned just now. This is named as Awfully sweet. Everyone girl will love on it! It is a very young-look bag which is most suitable for my girl! XD She has modified the bag by putting a simple decorates on her bag. =)

We had watched the Transformer 3: Dark of The Moon at Jusco Kinta City, Ipoh!


The story is quite interesting, it’s definitely better than the previous 2. LOL! The betray of sentinel and the schemes between autobots and decepticons leads to the climax of the story! May be you can enjoy it with your family on the weekend~


Two couple seats ticket for Transformer 3: Dark of The Moon

The pictures below are some of the scene in the movie:



The decepticons are arriving at the Earth…


One of the decepticons - shockwave


Sam looking at autobots who are leaving the Earth due to the scheme of decepticons…


They are brave among the human being. They fighting with decepticons…


Sam and his friend…


Sam and his girlfriend, Carly…


Sam’s sexy girlfriend with her SLS AMG..

I enjoyed the outgoing with my girl although there is still got alot of reports waiting for me to complete all of them. But, I prefer to go out and face to my girl for the whole day which is better than facing the reports. XP

Happy outgoing at Ipoh! XD

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