Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My chemistry course

Hi, now I entered into my degree of chemistry course in Year 2 Semester 2. For her, she is taking her Banking and Finance at the different block with me within our campus. Recently, I’m rarely go out with my girl because she and me are forced to stay in the kampar to continue our own studies. Most probably, we will go out during our semester break after the heavy and suffering finals.

I know I seldom post my life in campus and studies. This is due to I don’t have a camera to capture all the moment in my laboratory work. My Nokia phone 6680 with 1.3 MP nowadays is not to take a good resolution picture, definitely. Blur and low resolution of picture will come out in my phone. I hope I can own a camera/HTC which I can use it to take a better picture.. =(

The picture below is captured by my coursemate, Kace. He is a kind-hearted and helpful person. Sometimes, he is cute. Sometimes, he is a joker. Actually, he is a smart student among us but he just lack of memorizing ability which needed in our studies. LOL!



The pic above showing I were using the rotavapour machine in the lab. It’s a very simple machine. But, this is the only chance we can touch on it and use it. Most of the machine are exposed in our Year 2 of Chemistry course. So, I’m appreciate the chance to use them in case I’m able to handle the particular in one day of the future.


The experiment we did on that day is called Column Chromatography. It’s the second part of our experiment. After we isolate the desired product, we need to spot on a thin layer column (TLC). We need to use back the technique we had learnt last week to complete our second part of experiments. And I enjoyed to teach my coursemate about the technique to spot on a TLC. XD *enjoy to teach others with my knowledge*


              With flash                                    without flash

Both of these pic were captured under the UV lamp. However, you can notice that the difference in the pic. The pic in the left hand side was captured by using flash while the another was not. So amazing~ The colour was looked attractive! XD I’m curious to know that why the colour could not be appear if using a flash function. But, it will take a long time to find out why this thing happen and the particular phenomenon indicated that the study of light is not so simple… =)

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Naomi Enevoldson@WorkFromHomeWithPurpose said...

Very interesting...congratulations on doing your chemistry degree. Looks like fun!