Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kelab Taat Suami insults women

I’m quite shocked when I read the news about Kelab Taat Suami from MalaysianInsider in here recently.

According to the news, the vice president of the Kelab Taat Suami, Dr Rohaya Mohamad said that, the best way to avoid husbands to find prostitute at outside is women MUST always ready to have sex with their men and MUST serve their men in a better way.

In addition, she also mentioned that “Jika anda melihat di dunia sekarang, wanita dilayan sebagai objek seks ... dalam majalah, TV ... mengapa tidak mereka jadi objek seks kepada suami mereka? Ia adalah sah dan diharuskan oleh Tuhan. “Seorang isteri yang baik adalah pekerja seks yang baik bagi suami mereka”.

Wtf! She treats all the women in the world as legal prostitute for their husband in home?! What is her logical thinking is?! All are bullshit! For her, the main purpose of marriage is the sex between a husband and a wife. Sex is the most important thing for a husband married with his wife. I’m very angry to what she said, “a wife is considered as good as if they’re a good sex workers for his husband.” She means that the sex with wife is free of charge which better than the prostitute with pay?! And men can go out have fun with prostitute is true if women can’t give satisfaction to their husband?! wth! There is no such reason for a man go for prostitution! Woman is playing as a housewife and sex partner rather than a “sex worker” for than husband in a family.

What she said only is her personal opinion, she never interpret and analyze the problems and factors that caused the men go out for prostitution. Is it she can became the third wife for her husband because the first and second wives of his husband did not satisfy him? Don’t assume that all the men having the same pattern as what your husband did.

How to maintain a good relationship between a couple is the responsibilities of wife and husband. Both wife and husband must contribute a lot such as must treat each other nicely and politely, with love and patience in order to create a happy and sweet relationship. It should be maintained in long term.

Other than that, she also said that “Seorang isteri perlu menjadi seorang isteri yang baik sampai bila-bila. Jika apa yang terjadi padanya sebagai contoh didera, mereka perlu memikirkan bahawa ini adalah ujian dari Allah kepada mereka.”

Is she get educated before? O.o

If someday in the future, if you’re abused by your husband because he go to find prostitute, I’m sure you would not telling the public like this! Women is a human too. They should not be abused by their husband with any reason.

stop-domestic-violenceStop domestic abuse!

Nowadays, there is more and more parties against women’s abuse exist in the world in order to protect them from threaten. For Kelab Taat Suami, they treat this is a challenge from God and they must accept it. Everyone is fighting for a peaceful live but they are not. They’re taking the opposite way to go. =(

I’m very curious why this kind of party still can survive today. I felt very sad because our government approved them as a legal party in Malaysia. =/

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Anonymous said...

They degrade all mothers , aunts , grandmas ,wives and daughters .