Saturday, June 4, 2011

Blood Donation in Utar

In Utar, I had experienced a lot of first time here. I’m 20 years old now, but I never participate in any blood donation campaign before. On 1st of June, I had been motivated to donate my blood. This is my first time of blood donation in my life. We purposely went back to campus to participate the blood donation campaign. We? Of course, she was came along with me together to donate blood.

Firstly, our weight was measured to identify that whether we are suitable to donate blood. If you’re less than 45 kg is not allowed to donate your blood. 63kg, this was my weight before donate blood. After registered and took the number, we were waited in the Heritage Hall until the number we holding is being called. My number was 20 while she got the number of 19. When waiting for the our number being called, she told me that she was very nervous because she never has this experience before! And she felt scared to the thick needle which is going to inject to her hand. However, the numbers were continuously move towards 19 without her awareness. 17..18..19!

She was called for the basic health survey and blood test. Unfortunately, the iron concentration in her body is not enough which caused her unable to donate blood this time. Hmm.. for me, my health was all ok and concentration of iron in body was more than enough. So, I got prepared with my blood. At the same time, the nurse is getting ready their needle!



I laid on the bed and the nurse help me to set up the equipment for blood donation.



My blood was flowing into the blood pack.. All the blood is deoxygenated blood. Brown red in colour.

After few minutes, my blood pack was fully filled with the blood which came from my veins. I had donated 450 ml of blood. In another meaning, I had lost 450 ml from my body voluntarily. I were exhausted! My body was exhausted! LOL!



The foods and drinks in the picture above were what I got from the blood donation campaign. Sugar crackers, apple, tiger biscuit, cheese julie biscuit, bread, milo, soya bean, lolilpop, iron tablet and my favorite strawberry ribena! XD



Other than the foods and drink I had received, another meaningful goods were a certificate and a small red book which is used to record the total number of blood donation in my lifelong. MEANINGFUL!


Image(595) This was the evidence to show that I’m not lie. It’s my first time to do the meaningful matter in my life. The whole recorded book has a total amount of 75 times. I hope that I can able to fill up half of it in my life. =)

For those who have not participate this campaign, you may join it next time! It’s meaningful and believe me it would not increase your weight after donated your blood. I had reduced to 62kg after donated blood, immediately! If you don’t believe, you may try it out next time~ =)


Henry Tan said...

well done! u just save a life!
and yes, it doesn't affect the weight! =)

jai said...

good boy

Don said...

Thank you for donating your blood. Many people don't and more need to! I hope you fill up that book in your life time!

Well done!


kokv said...

I hope I am able to do it! =)