Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My chemistry course

Hi, now I entered into my degree of chemistry course in Year 2 Semester 2. For her, she is taking her Banking and Finance at the different block with me within our campus. Recently, I’m rarely go out with my girl because she and me are forced to stay in the kampar to continue our own studies. Most probably, we will go out during our semester break after the heavy and suffering finals.

I know I seldom post my life in campus and studies. This is due to I don’t have a camera to capture all the moment in my laboratory work. My Nokia phone 6680 with 1.3 MP nowadays is not to take a good resolution picture, definitely. Blur and low resolution of picture will come out in my phone. I hope I can own a camera/HTC which I can use it to take a better picture.. =(

The picture below is captured by my coursemate, Kace. He is a kind-hearted and helpful person. Sometimes, he is cute. Sometimes, he is a joker. Actually, he is a smart student among us but he just lack of memorizing ability which needed in our studies. LOL!



The pic above showing I were using the rotavapour machine in the lab. It’s a very simple machine. But, this is the only chance we can touch on it and use it. Most of the machine are exposed in our Year 2 of Chemistry course. So, I’m appreciate the chance to use them in case I’m able to handle the particular in one day of the future.


The experiment we did on that day is called Column Chromatography. It’s the second part of our experiment. After we isolate the desired product, we need to spot on a thin layer column (TLC). We need to use back the technique we had learnt last week to complete our second part of experiments. And I enjoyed to teach my coursemate about the technique to spot on a TLC. XD *enjoy to teach others with my knowledge*


              With flash                                    without flash

Both of these pic were captured under the UV lamp. However, you can notice that the difference in the pic. The pic in the left hand side was captured by using flash while the another was not. So amazing~ The colour was looked attractive! XD I’m curious to know that why the colour could not be appear if using a flash function. But, it will take a long time to find out why this thing happen and the particular phenomenon indicated that the study of light is not so simple… =)

Sunday, June 19, 2011











Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kungfu Panda 2


images (1)

Yes. What you’re looking now is a very POPULAR movie – KungFu Panda 2!

Last time, my friends and me purposely went to Ipoh to watch this movie, however the movie was full already.. For me, Kungfu Panda 1 is a quite interesting movie and the characters inside this movie is funny… I hope to watch it at the cinema. The reason I can’t make myself go to cinema because I’m at Kampar, currently.


Now I only can watch the trailer of Kungfu Panda 2.. and look at several pictures.. ><

The synopsis of the movie is as shown below:

Long ago, Lord Shen, heir of the peacock clan that ruled Gongmen City in China, sought to harness the power of fireworks as a weapon with which to rule the entire country. When he learned from the court's goat soothsayer that "a warrior of black and white" would one day defeat him, Shen assumed she was referring to the giant pandas and had them exterminated to avert the prophecy. Shen's parents were horrified at this atrocity and exiled Shen, who swore revenge.

Years later, Po is living his dream as the Dragon Warrior, protecting the Valley of Peace alongside his friends and fellow kung fu masters, the Furious Five, but is told by Master Shifu that their masters have gone missing and fears Lord Shen is responsible. While fighting off a pack of wolf bandits who have been stealing refined metal for Lord Shen, Po is distracted by a symbol on the head wolf's armor, which causes Po to have a flashback of his mother and allows the wolves to escape. Po asks his goose father, Mr. Ping, where he came from, but all Ping can tell him is that he found Po as an infant in a radish crate and adopted him.

Afterward, Shifu receives word that Master Thundering Rhino, leader of the kung fu council protecting Gongmen City, has been killed by Lord Shen with his newly developed weapon…

(the synopsis is copied from somewhere)

If you’re interested to know the continue story, please feel to buy a ticket of Kungfu Panda 2 and enjoy your movie.. For me, sure I will take the golden chance to watch it at GSC with my popcorn + coke + hotdogs.. Of course, the most IMPORTANT is watch with my girl.. =0

Remember to watch it! It’s waiting for you now.




Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kelab Taat Suami insults women

I’m quite shocked when I read the news about Kelab Taat Suami from MalaysianInsider in here recently.

According to the news, the vice president of the Kelab Taat Suami, Dr Rohaya Mohamad said that, the best way to avoid husbands to find prostitute at outside is women MUST always ready to have sex with their men and MUST serve their men in a better way.

In addition, she also mentioned that “Jika anda melihat di dunia sekarang, wanita dilayan sebagai objek seks ... dalam majalah, TV ... mengapa tidak mereka jadi objek seks kepada suami mereka? Ia adalah sah dan diharuskan oleh Tuhan. “Seorang isteri yang baik adalah pekerja seks yang baik bagi suami mereka”.

Wtf! She treats all the women in the world as legal prostitute for their husband in home?! What is her logical thinking is?! All are bullshit! For her, the main purpose of marriage is the sex between a husband and a wife. Sex is the most important thing for a husband married with his wife. I’m very angry to what she said, “a wife is considered as good as if they’re a good sex workers for his husband.” She means that the sex with wife is free of charge which better than the prostitute with pay?! And men can go out have fun with prostitute is true if women can’t give satisfaction to their husband?! wth! There is no such reason for a man go for prostitution! Woman is playing as a housewife and sex partner rather than a “sex worker” for than husband in a family.

What she said only is her personal opinion, she never interpret and analyze the problems and factors that caused the men go out for prostitution. Is it she can became the third wife for her husband because the first and second wives of his husband did not satisfy him? Don’t assume that all the men having the same pattern as what your husband did.

How to maintain a good relationship between a couple is the responsibilities of wife and husband. Both wife and husband must contribute a lot such as must treat each other nicely and politely, with love and patience in order to create a happy and sweet relationship. It should be maintained in long term.

Other than that, she also said that “Seorang isteri perlu menjadi seorang isteri yang baik sampai bila-bila. Jika apa yang terjadi padanya sebagai contoh didera, mereka perlu memikirkan bahawa ini adalah ujian dari Allah kepada mereka.”

Is she get educated before? O.o

If someday in the future, if you’re abused by your husband because he go to find prostitute, I’m sure you would not telling the public like this! Women is a human too. They should not be abused by their husband with any reason.

stop-domestic-violenceStop domestic abuse!

Nowadays, there is more and more parties against women’s abuse exist in the world in order to protect them from threaten. For Kelab Taat Suami, they treat this is a challenge from God and they must accept it. Everyone is fighting for a peaceful live but they are not. They’re taking the opposite way to go. =(

I’m very curious why this kind of party still can survive today. I felt very sad because our government approved them as a legal party in Malaysia. =/

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Blood Donation in Utar

In Utar, I had experienced a lot of first time here. I’m 20 years old now, but I never participate in any blood donation campaign before. On 1st of June, I had been motivated to donate my blood. This is my first time of blood donation in my life. We purposely went back to campus to participate the blood donation campaign. We? Of course, she was came along with me together to donate blood.

Firstly, our weight was measured to identify that whether we are suitable to donate blood. If you’re less than 45 kg is not allowed to donate your blood. 63kg, this was my weight before donate blood. After registered and took the number, we were waited in the Heritage Hall until the number we holding is being called. My number was 20 while she got the number of 19. When waiting for the our number being called, she told me that she was very nervous because she never has this experience before! And she felt scared to the thick needle which is going to inject to her hand. However, the numbers were continuously move towards 19 without her awareness. 17..18..19!

She was called for the basic health survey and blood test. Unfortunately, the iron concentration in her body is not enough which caused her unable to donate blood this time. Hmm.. for me, my health was all ok and concentration of iron in body was more than enough. So, I got prepared with my blood. At the same time, the nurse is getting ready their needle!



I laid on the bed and the nurse help me to set up the equipment for blood donation.



My blood was flowing into the blood pack.. All the blood is deoxygenated blood. Brown red in colour.

After few minutes, my blood pack was fully filled with the blood which came from my veins. I had donated 450 ml of blood. In another meaning, I had lost 450 ml from my body voluntarily. I were exhausted! My body was exhausted! LOL!



The foods and drinks in the picture above were what I got from the blood donation campaign. Sugar crackers, apple, tiger biscuit, cheese julie biscuit, bread, milo, soya bean, lolilpop, iron tablet and my favorite strawberry ribena! XD



Other than the foods and drink I had received, another meaningful goods were a certificate and a small red book which is used to record the total number of blood donation in my lifelong. MEANINGFUL!


Image(595) This was the evidence to show that I’m not lie. It’s my first time to do the meaningful matter in my life. The whole recorded book has a total amount of 75 times. I hope that I can able to fill up half of it in my life. =)

For those who have not participate this campaign, you may join it next time! It’s meaningful and believe me it would not increase your weight after donated your blood. I had reduced to 62kg after donated blood, immediately! If you don’t believe, you may try it out next time~ =)