Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Outgoing with Her

The first day of outgoing is go to Subang SS15 to have a nice dessert with her! Our favors – Snowflake’s best seller! Other people said, ice-kimo having the same best seller dessert as what snow flake selling, but I could say that the best one in Malaysia is as shown in picture below! Now Snowflake have 5 branches in Malaysia, you may find it at one of the places. Subang jaya, Pavillion KL, Kota Damansara, Kuchai Lama and Sungai Wang.

This is the ONLY one best seller (cold) for us! ^^


Recently, Chatime is quite popular among the bloggers, hear from her, because she have a lot of blogger friends..  Everyone is crazy on it! LOl


This is honey-lemon flavour.


This is her. She always has a pretty look and very cute face! XD *LENG LUI*



Second day of outgoing with her. Again! At Vivo pizza restaurant, Jusco Bukit TInggi, Klang.


  <<<< This is a delicious mushroom soup for us~ yummy~~




Smoked pizza and onion ring. Onion ring is still ok, but the smoked pizza and spaghetti is not nice. Definitely. If you don’t believe, you can try it out! XP


She said, my photographing skill had improved. *happy!* Do you agree with her? No matter how’s my skill, she still is the most attractive.. <3


Third day of outgoing, destination is KL. We went to Low yat. Then, to Lot 10! After that, Farenheit 88 and followed by Pavillion.

We had Bak Kut Teh and some desserts as our lunch in Lot 10! Very nice! Mou San Go Bak Kut Teh~

  IMG_0800 IMG_0798


I am highly recommend you people to try BKT in Lot 10! Really nice~

Had happy outgoing with her during semester break for Y1S3. =)

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