Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My wish

Finally i finished my final exam on 9th May 2011, this is also means that I had finish my year 1 in university. Time pass so fast. My last final exam was ended with the subject of functional biology. I already did my best for my final exam, but i still felt my effort is not enough to bring me to dean list. Last semester i got into the Utar’s dean list. What’s dean list? Dean list is the students who score well with GPA with 3.60 and about in a particular semester. I do not believe that I’m able to do it, but seriously, I were just lucky because i chose a right subject for my elective. Thanks God! ^^

My wish in this semester is hope I can get into the dean list again. XP But, it’s ok for me if I can’t get it. If I get it, definitely I will be very happy! =) Despite its probability for me to get into dean list again is very low, however, I hope the miracle will take place for me.

Now is the happiest time for all students, this is because semester break is coming after our final exam. It’s time for all of us to enjoy and relax after suffered during studies and exams. During semester break, what to do for me? I hope I can get a job and get more experience from my job. I even can learn many things during working although some of them do not like to work during semester break. I think this is a chance for me to improve myself instead of staying in the house and become mildewed. Besides, I can buy anything i want with my hard-earned money after i get my salary. Just like last time, spent 100 bucks from my salary with my baby in Bubba Gump Restaurant. My new nike shoes also buy with my own money. =)

Hope can get a promoter job in my semester break. Then I can prepare myself to have a nice penang trip and paintball war in semester start in my year 2.


My destination in year 2!



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