Monday, May 30, 2011

My little certificate

Finished my 2-days microalgae learning lesson, I had learnt how to culture different types of microalgae (but not pro and specified, XP)! During the learning lesson, we used the microscope to see many microscopic structure of different microalgae as I had show to you all in my previous post. Haematoccocus pulvaris, Spirulina and Rotifers. The most interesting one is rotifer, this is because rotifer’s mobility is very high!

I had also got my certificate for the microalgae technology cultivation lesson!Image(590) Here got my name ! XD

Feel very happy because I only spent rm50 to follow the lesson and  got the chance to follow a smart and remarkable lecturer to learn who is CEO of the Utar Microalgae Company. He is also the main speaker in this learning lesson~

And promised to myself, want to learn as smart as him!

Thanks.. =)

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