Saturday, April 30, 2011

Traditional dessert and non-traditional weather

Last week, we just discovered a very unique and traditional dessert in kampar! Could you all guess what is that? I believed that there are not more than ten places selling this kind of dessert in Malaysia. Hahaha.. Let me introduce it to you all~ Traditionally, the kamparian call this as Ice Ball.


This is the ice ball i mentioned. It’s very special and I’m first time to see this in my life. Why I said so? Hmm.. because when you eat the ice ball, you don’t need to use any spoon and bowl. Straight away, use your hand to hold it and suck it! LOL!


As you can see, I’m not joking. My university friends are “enjoying” their ice balls and “sucking” it! wahahahhahahhaa~  


How we found the place? The guy in the left hand side is the guider. And he is using the ice ball (after finished it) to throw it to someone’s leg. So funny!


This is me. I know I’m not handsome and looked nice. So, let move to another picture by scrolling down your mouse. =)

250420112699 yeah! You should focus on this pretty! Not the backdrop. XP

Ok. Finish the traditional part - ice ball’s story. Let’s move on to the untraditional part.


Let see what happen in Kampar two days ago!


Waw! This scene is normal in KL, but it sure make a lot of people feel shock when they know the flooded place is in kampar! The picture above shows the flood condition in westlake.

Omg! The water level rose until half of the tyre of that silver Myvi and the place the Myvi parked is on the pavement. Could you imagine how high the water level is?!


This is not in KL, this picture was took in kampar too.


This is a place beside westlake. The water over flow from the lake after raining.

before rain

Compared to the water level of westlake before rain. Can you see the difference? 


The greatest effect of the rain was ktar’s wall has been destroyed.

The thunders and lightings were very loud and bright during the raining day. Two seconds, we can heard a thunder and see a lighting for a time interval of two seconds! Is this a symptom our mother earth to tell us that 2012 will be the end of the world is true?


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