Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New house

Few days ago, i just shifted to my new house where is near my old rental house. Although it is looked further from my college, but actually it just take one more minute, compared with my old rental house within westlake.

Why shift?

This is due to the expensive rental fee which cost two hundred something per month. My rental fee is the average price in the westlake for a double room price. Compared to KL, the price that i paid for one year ago is actually cost not large different. Another reason is the management problem. That management is called KT management, this is the most lousy management i ever see. If you want to pay your rental fee, sure you could see and meet the manager in his office. However, if you want to meet him for any complain, 99% sure he is not around. The worst thing is he might switch off his phone and finally you can’t find him anymore. The most lousy management company in westlake.

I hope that I can have better life in my new house. Unfortunately, my new house owner is still the same. His attitude caused me to make an assumption that all the kamparian especially businessman (KT management) or house owners will try to show their best before you rent their houses. They will tell you this will be more convenient if you rent here, that will be better you take this.. They will try to scare you that many people willing to get this house, if you don’t make decision faster others will take over. In fact, there is no people to take this. Wtf

That uncle know how to cheat and bully on students. He charge a high price per month actually. But he would not help you to repair or buy us anything. The thing he is going to say is “this is did by the previous students one, i did not help to do..YOU ALL DO IT YOURSELF, VERY SIMPLE ONLY..” WTF. Uncle, i will tell you next time “你今时今日geh服务态度系吾得geh!!”

If i could get his pic one day, i will post it in my blog and facebook and inform others the bad thing this uncle did.

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