Monday, April 4, 2011



我什么都没有 只是有一点吵
如果你感到寂寞 我带给你热闹
为你绕一绕 没有什么大不了 却可以让你微笑
其实我很烦恼 只是你看不到
如果我也不开心 怕(而)你转身就逃
爱上一个人 一定要让他相信 这世界多么美好
对每个人 都说还好 我的心我的情你不需要明瞭
只要我对你好 这样的溫柔你要不要
其实你爱我像谁 扮演什么角色我都会
快不快乐我无所谓 为了你开心 我忘记了累不累
其实你爱我像谁 任何的表情我都能给
Woo 在你身上学会流眼泪


May be sometimes I cannot take care of you,may be sometimes I am not appreciate you enough,may be sometimes I am not care about you enough… Sorry, my dear..

Sometimes we are busy until spend less time with others, especially the time after come back to kampar. You might angry me if i do not have enough time for you.. Sometimes, I really do not know how to speak some “sweet words” to you, but I always make some jokes to you. May be you will treat them like a lame joke, but at least you will laugh on it.

My main purpose to do this is, i hope i can see you always happy and smile. =) Do you know that you are very pretty when you smile? I’d like to see your smiling face forever. recently, may be you was lost a lot of things that you get them by using your hard-work-money.

But, do you know that there is one phrase in mandarin states that 旧的不去新的不来, which is means that you should chase after the new things, instead of your old things.

A new lappie, a carlo rino bag, and a semi-pro camera… these are your dream! Chase them until get them in your hand, do not simply give up..

It’s a long distance journey waiting for you with me.

Dear, do not sad about your old lappie, your old hand bag, and digi camera. Promised you, will try my best to get each of them to you in my life. =) I love you. <3

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