Saturday, April 30, 2011

Traditional dessert and non-traditional weather

Last week, we just discovered a very unique and traditional dessert in kampar! Could you all guess what is that? I believed that there are not more than ten places selling this kind of dessert in Malaysia. Hahaha.. Let me introduce it to you all~ Traditionally, the kamparian call this as Ice Ball.


This is the ice ball i mentioned. It’s very special and I’m first time to see this in my life. Why I said so? Hmm.. because when you eat the ice ball, you don’t need to use any spoon and bowl. Straight away, use your hand to hold it and suck it! LOL!


As you can see, I’m not joking. My university friends are “enjoying” their ice balls and “sucking” it! wahahahhahahhaa~  


How we found the place? The guy in the left hand side is the guider. And he is using the ice ball (after finished it) to throw it to someone’s leg. So funny!


This is me. I know I’m not handsome and looked nice. So, let move to another picture by scrolling down your mouse. =)

250420112699 yeah! You should focus on this pretty! Not the backdrop. XP

Ok. Finish the traditional part - ice ball’s story. Let’s move on to the untraditional part.


Let see what happen in Kampar two days ago!


Waw! This scene is normal in KL, but it sure make a lot of people feel shock when they know the flooded place is in kampar! The picture above shows the flood condition in westlake.

Omg! The water level rose until half of the tyre of that silver Myvi and the place the Myvi parked is on the pavement. Could you imagine how high the water level is?!


This is not in KL, this picture was took in kampar too.


This is a place beside westlake. The water over flow from the lake after raining.

before rain

Compared to the water level of westlake before rain. Can you see the difference? 


The greatest effect of the rain was ktar’s wall has been destroyed.

The thunders and lightings were very loud and bright during the raining day. Two seconds, we can heard a thunder and see a lighting for a time interval of two seconds! Is this a symptom our mother earth to tell us that 2012 will be the end of the world is true?


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New house

Few days ago, i just shifted to my new house where is near my old rental house. Although it is looked further from my college, but actually it just take one more minute, compared with my old rental house within westlake.

Why shift?

This is due to the expensive rental fee which cost two hundred something per month. My rental fee is the average price in the westlake for a double room price. Compared to KL, the price that i paid for one year ago is actually cost not large different. Another reason is the management problem. That management is called KT management, this is the most lousy management i ever see. If you want to pay your rental fee, sure you could see and meet the manager in his office. However, if you want to meet him for any complain, 99% sure he is not around. The worst thing is he might switch off his phone and finally you can’t find him anymore. The most lousy management company in westlake.

I hope that I can have better life in my new house. Unfortunately, my new house owner is still the same. His attitude caused me to make an assumption that all the kamparian especially businessman (KT management) or house owners will try to show their best before you rent their houses. They will tell you this will be more convenient if you rent here, that will be better you take this.. They will try to scare you that many people willing to get this house, if you don’t make decision faster others will take over. In fact, there is no people to take this. Wtf

That uncle know how to cheat and bully on students. He charge a high price per month actually. But he would not help you to repair or buy us anything. The thing he is going to say is “this is did by the previous students one, i did not help to do..YOU ALL DO IT YOURSELF, VERY SIMPLE ONLY..” WTF. Uncle, i will tell you next time “你今时今日geh服务态度系吾得geh!!”

If i could get his pic one day, i will post it in my blog and facebook and inform others the bad thing this uncle did.

Sunday, April 17, 2011






Monday, April 11, 2011

After my first test

I'm felt very relax after my first test. Today is my chemistry lab test. The some of the questions that I read are come out in the exam! I feel very happy because I can able to answer it, but unfortunately.. I unable to answer them very well. But, never mind! At least I am quite relax now.. and later need to prepare for my biology quiz on Thursday.. This is a quite boring subject to me, because one of the part in the subject is studying the ecology. Ecology is a boring subject! Anyway, have to face it and study it well. Jia you ba! goh kok wee!

Monday, April 4, 2011



我什么都没有 只是有一点吵
如果你感到寂寞 我带给你热闹
为你绕一绕 没有什么大不了 却可以让你微笑
其实我很烦恼 只是你看不到
如果我也不开心 怕(而)你转身就逃
爱上一个人 一定要让他相信 这世界多么美好
对每个人 都说还好 我的心我的情你不需要明瞭
只要我对你好 这样的溫柔你要不要
其实你爱我像谁 扮演什么角色我都会
快不快乐我无所谓 为了你开心 我忘记了累不累
其实你爱我像谁 任何的表情我都能给
Woo 在你身上学会流眼泪


May be sometimes I cannot take care of you,may be sometimes I am not appreciate you enough,may be sometimes I am not care about you enough… Sorry, my dear..

Sometimes we are busy until spend less time with others, especially the time after come back to kampar. You might angry me if i do not have enough time for you.. Sometimes, I really do not know how to speak some “sweet words” to you, but I always make some jokes to you. May be you will treat them like a lame joke, but at least you will laugh on it.

My main purpose to do this is, i hope i can see you always happy and smile. =) Do you know that you are very pretty when you smile? I’d like to see your smiling face forever. recently, may be you was lost a lot of things that you get them by using your hard-work-money.

But, do you know that there is one phrase in mandarin states that 旧的不去新的不来, which is means that you should chase after the new things, instead of your old things.

A new lappie, a carlo rino bag, and a semi-pro camera… these are your dream! Chase them until get them in your hand, do not simply give up..

It’s a long distance journey waiting for you with me.

Dear, do not sad about your old lappie, your old hand bag, and digi camera. Promised you, will try my best to get each of them to you in my life. =) I love you. <3