Thursday, February 17, 2011

I will never leave you alone

These few days,
I am doing something that what I suppose to do as a boyfie.

If you follow my post, I got mentioned that my girl friend is
going to do a teeth surgery to pick out the stupid wisdom teeth.
yea.. she did the surgery yesterday.

She always said that she felt very pain after the surgery,
it's going to make her die due to the painful part..
Her up set face showing that she have the most
painful experience in her life.
It's like a knife cut into your body,
and the pain is never release from her.
She can't even sleep due to the painfulness..

When looking at her face,
I am willing to share her painfulness,
i know that it's very painful due to the dentist at kampar
don't have previous experience and good skills on surgery.

When she lying on the bed,
she tell me that i am going to dump her because her swollen face,
and she keep telling me her face will be like that if she
get stroke in some day in the future.


let's me tell you a truth.
That's i will never dump you even your face is swollen like a pig now,
believe me that i can take care of you,
and i am willing to appreciate and
take care of you in my life time.. =)

Although i am not the best in your life,
but i am willing to give you my best in my life.

Love you. babe.

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