Thursday, February 17, 2011

I will never leave you alone

These few days,
I am doing something that what I suppose to do as a boyfie.

If you follow my post, I got mentioned that my girl friend is
going to do a teeth surgery to pick out the stupid wisdom teeth.
yea.. she did the surgery yesterday.

She always said that she felt very pain after the surgery,
it's going to make her die due to the painful part..
Her up set face showing that she have the most
painful experience in her life.
It's like a knife cut into your body,
and the pain is never release from her.
She can't even sleep due to the painfulness..

When looking at her face,
I am willing to share her painfulness,
i know that it's very painful due to the dentist at kampar
don't have previous experience and good skills on surgery.

When she lying on the bed,
she tell me that i am going to dump her because her swollen face,
and she keep telling me her face will be like that if she
get stroke in some day in the future.


let's me tell you a truth.
That's i will never dump you even your face is swollen like a pig now,
believe me that i can take care of you,
and i am willing to appreciate and
take care of you in my life time.. =)

Although i am not the best in your life,
but i am willing to give you my best in my life.

Love you. babe.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Useless guard and westlake system in kampar!

WHY the people don't think about others before they do anything?!

Why there is some UNiversity Students like to steal other people's things!?
Use your own efforts to earn the money and get your favorite things!!
Don't steal or lie to get something that is not belonging to you..!

This is a normal case which alway happen in kampar..
Yeah.. this is a place that i am studying,
a case of two lappie missing in westlake 1267,
it's reminding me the cruel of this world.

This is happen last Thursday,
i am the first person discovered the case.
When i realized it, that's too late already,
the theft is bring the laptop running away from westlake.
i am regret that i did not come back as early as i can.

This caused my puiyeng's room had being broken
and her laptop was stolen by others,
What the fuck!!

A sad story to tell you all. My bike was being stolen last time too.

An advise to all the kampar students,
this is from police station's sarjan,
westlake is being blacklisted long long time ago,
the criminals are alway happen,
it's better for students stay at westlake outside.

I am very shocked when i heard the sarjan said that
the guard inside westlake stop the police car enter into the students resident area
the only reason the useless guards give is we have our security system,
don't need POLICE to go around..
WTH the useless guard said!

The only sentence i can tell is
something was wrong in Westlake.