Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thankful and Appreciate

Since i am young,
how wish i am can get myself a birthday cake
on my birthday, i don't care it is a
small size or big size.
from long long time ago,
I just wish i can own my birthday cake.
There is more than ten years already,
my birthday cake is never appears on my birthday..

Until 25/1/2010,
my Uni friends, they really give a meaningful birthday...
I'm very very happy when i see my friend, joseph
taking a birthday cake with two candles on top..
walking towards me.
And i know that's my birthday cake!

The surprise never end yet,
There is another cake presented by my girl,
a very delicious and yummy cheese cake!
I'm very very happy because i can get two
birthday cake together on the same day!

And they treat me eat at Vegas Restaurant.
It's a burger meals at kampar that i never try before..
Vegas Full House Burger, my dinner.
I'm really enjoy my dinner~

Thanks to my friends,
celebrate with me and give me a surprise!
Thanks to my girl,
she put a lot of effort on making the cheese cake for me~
Thank you so much..
and i'm very appreciate the things u all done..=)
especially my girl..<3

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