Saturday, January 22, 2011

stupid wisdom teeth

The afternoon on two days ago,
i accompany my girl go to dentist clinic
since she always complained to me
that she want to filling her teeth.

now only she know that she got the
cheek swelling because of the wisdom teeth
grow up in improper way
For both side of her teeth!
Omg Omg.

Before she go into the dentist room,
she keep on telling me what she worry about.
her teeth, 20 years old only need to pluck off already.
She felt scared when hearing the sound of filling teeth machine.

Few minutes passed,
she is inside the dentist room while i'm waiting for her outside the room.
i fall to sleep when waiting outside the dentist room.
Sometimes wake up, sometimes sleep again;
The door is opened, and i see my girl step out the room.
And what she tell me is
she need alot of money to pluck off her wisdom teeth
via surgery!
total amount is rm1000 for both sides!

Now she always get cheek swelling because
the wisdom teeth!
My heart get hurt when
she tell me get swell again..

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