Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Snowflake+Cupcake+Pasta Zanmai

Few days ago, went out for dating with puiyeng!
And we are looking for nice foods,
we went to Subang Jaya and Sunway pyramid to have our meals~
HAPPY!! ^^

Beeping UFO

This is my first time to see this UFO. A beeping UFO which will start to vibrate when the dessert u order is ready. The latent function of the beeping UFO is asking you to pick up your dessert and pay the bills.

This is BEST SELLER in Snowflake, which is a very famous dessert cafe in Subang Jaya.
Hear alot about Snowflake from puiyeng, she always talk about this in front of me! XD

Really nice! It's made up from yam, sweet potato, gui-ling-gao and ice-blended.

After that, we driving to our next favorite destination-- sunway pyramid.
On the way we looking for nice food as our lunch, she saw a very nice and tasty cupcake.
Just buy it and taste! XD
She was very happy because can eat the cupcake that she want to try since long time before. =)
Pretty and cute face. *LIKE*

WE have our dinner in Pasta Zanmai(パスタ三 昧)..
Can see she was very happy during enjoy her OCHA~ ^^

To be continue...

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