Monday, January 3, 2011

Relax day

Luckily today my 101 hair care job only
need to work for 5 days in my 2nd semester break!
Before that i found a job in Courts, Shah Alam to sell the home appliances
as my sem break part time job.

But unfortunately,
the Sonic company manager
suddenly want me go to interview and
suddenly don't. Confused.

Finally, she don't want me already!
*sad! * i had already search for other job
instead of 101 hair care.

I had a very stressful experience during my first sem break!
I don't want to repeat again, don't even want to pick up the job.
I can't find the job. I NEED a job~!

So, I go back to work as 101 hair care promoter
in my this sem break again.
Same thing happen,
I'm stressful due to the job.
I only can sell for few vouchers during first two days..

God BLESS me...
I had already achieved my target that
given by my manager, Mandy.
Included today's sales,
I had hit my target continuously for the three days.

I'm happy because i get my salary.
I'm more happy because i get my commission.
I'm more and more happy because i get the improvement in my speaking and listening.
Especially for my worst language, English since i'm young...
The greatest things that i get it in my 2nd sem break,

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