Monday, January 31, 2011

Our Story

There is a great number for me today!
We are stay together for 307th day,
it's almost 1 year for our sweet relationship..
Our love story is begins since last year when both of us are studying in Utar P.Jaya Campus.
Until now, we continue it at kampar campus.
There are many people said that you go alone into the campus,
but you may come out by holding another one..
Yeah~ That's true for me! But, the pic above is captured before we are together.

This is a very sweet picture hor! This one is captured at Taman Pertanian where is a place located at Shah Alam. An awesome place for those who like cycling under many trees.
Very enjoy the natural feelings during that time! This pic is our couple pic hor.. LOL

I still remember...
When she came for kampar, she is rarely smile because her friends keep a distance with her and she felt very sad about this. When we are going back to house from outside, it's raining and she wear her rain coat cycling back. She is very happy after she realized that her look is very cute when wearing the rain coat. And she smile. Her first smiling face that i never see after she came to kampar.

I promise i will treat you good and give you a bright future.
I promise i will alway stay with you and give you what you need.
I promise i will not dump you alone anymore.
I promise you i will love you forever before my life is end...

Still. Puiyeng,I love you forever~

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