Monday, January 31, 2011

Our Story

There is a great number for me today!
We are stay together for 307th day,
it's almost 1 year for our sweet relationship..
Our love story is begins since last year when both of us are studying in Utar P.Jaya Campus.
Until now, we continue it at kampar campus.
There are many people said that you go alone into the campus,
but you may come out by holding another one..
Yeah~ That's true for me! But, the pic above is captured before we are together.

This is a very sweet picture hor! This one is captured at Taman Pertanian where is a place located at Shah Alam. An awesome place for those who like cycling under many trees.
Very enjoy the natural feelings during that time! This pic is our couple pic hor.. LOL

I still remember...
When she came for kampar, she is rarely smile because her friends keep a distance with her and she felt very sad about this. When we are going back to house from outside, it's raining and she wear her rain coat cycling back. She is very happy after she realized that her look is very cute when wearing the rain coat. And she smile. Her first smiling face that i never see after she came to kampar.

I promise i will treat you good and give you a bright future.
I promise i will alway stay with you and give you what you need.
I promise i will not dump you alone anymore.
I promise you i will love you forever before my life is end...

Still. Puiyeng,I love you forever~

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thankful and Appreciate

Since i am young,
how wish i am can get myself a birthday cake
on my birthday, i don't care it is a
small size or big size.
from long long time ago,
I just wish i can own my birthday cake.
There is more than ten years already,
my birthday cake is never appears on my birthday..

Until 25/1/2010,
my Uni friends, they really give a meaningful birthday...
I'm very very happy when i see my friend, joseph
taking a birthday cake with two candles on top..
walking towards me.
And i know that's my birthday cake!

The surprise never end yet,
There is another cake presented by my girl,
a very delicious and yummy cheese cake!
I'm very very happy because i can get two
birthday cake together on the same day!

And they treat me eat at Vegas Restaurant.
It's a burger meals at kampar that i never try before..
Vegas Full House Burger, my dinner.
I'm really enjoy my dinner~

Thanks to my friends,
celebrate with me and give me a surprise!
Thanks to my girl,
she put a lot of effort on making the cheese cake for me~
Thank you so much..
and i'm very appreciate the things u all done..=)
especially my girl..<3

Saturday, January 22, 2011

stupid wisdom teeth

The afternoon on two days ago,
i accompany my girl go to dentist clinic
since she always complained to me
that she want to filling her teeth.

now only she know that she got the
cheek swelling because of the wisdom teeth
grow up in improper way
For both side of her teeth!
Omg Omg.

Before she go into the dentist room,
she keep on telling me what she worry about.
her teeth, 20 years old only need to pluck off already.
She felt scared when hearing the sound of filling teeth machine.

Few minutes passed,
she is inside the dentist room while i'm waiting for her outside the room.
i fall to sleep when waiting outside the dentist room.
Sometimes wake up, sometimes sleep again;
The door is opened, and i see my girl step out the room.
And what she tell me is
she need alot of money to pluck off her wisdom teeth
via surgery!
total amount is rm1000 for both sides!

Now she always get cheek swelling because
the wisdom teeth!
My heart get hurt when
she tell me get swell again..

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

BUBBA GUMP@Sunway Pyramid

Everyone sure remember this board "Run Forrest Run" when u went to have meals in Bubba Gump. Yea... my babe and I went for it to have lunch last time! =D
Since last time i promised to my babe,
IF i can achieve the target for my part time job,
then i will treat her a meal in

This is Bubba Gump's Food Menu.

As what she wanted,
after i work hard in the job,
finally i get my target in the 2nd day!
*damn excited to tell her about this once i got it!*

Actually this "Run Forrest Run" is come from a scene in movie Forrest Gump which is Jenny (Forrest’s girlfriend) shouting “Run Forrest Run” to Forrest Gump as he was being chased by a few bad kids and the quote “Stop Forrest Stop” based on the signs used to help Forrest when he played football at the University of Alabama. You will never forget the two license plate when you enter to the restaurant.

In this restaurant,
the red Stop Forrest Stop means that a service is needed and the blue Run Forrest Run is means that is all well.

We went to the Bubba Gump Theme Restaurant in Sunway Pyramid.
All the workers in there are very friendly and alway hang a smiling face!

I'm Stuffed!" Shrimp. It's rm39.90 if i am not remember wrong. A delicious meal which consisting large shrimp stuffed with Crab, baked in garlic butter and topped with Monterey Jack Cheese. Tasty shrimps with lots of crab. Served with Jasmine Rice.

The Shrimper’s Heaven. With price of rm49.90. This is prefect choice for those who like to eat shrimps. As shrimps lovers as us, this is super delicious!
This meal containing 4 types of shrimp, coconut shrimp, fried shrimp, tempura shrimp and cold shrimp. Served with 3 special sauces.

This is my girl and she is holding a ping-pong paddle with some food and beverage menu attached to the paddle.

The restaurant also offers a variety of cocktail and drink options, such as, Lt. Dan's Pomegranate Punch, which is named after another movie character, and Lousiana Lemonade.


And we order Lt. Dan’s Pomegranate Punch as our drink. Luckily we just order one beverage because it is a very bigger size for us! This is rm18.90. If you are willing to bring the glass with special shape and Bubba Gump Logo, you pay additional rm 9.90 for it. LOL

Have a nice day with her in Bubba Gump.
Our love story never ending..

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Snowflake+Cupcake+Pasta Zanmai

Few days ago, went out for dating with puiyeng!
And we are looking for nice foods,
we went to Subang Jaya and Sunway pyramid to have our meals~
HAPPY!! ^^

Beeping UFO

This is my first time to see this UFO. A beeping UFO which will start to vibrate when the dessert u order is ready. The latent function of the beeping UFO is asking you to pick up your dessert and pay the bills.

This is BEST SELLER in Snowflake, which is a very famous dessert cafe in Subang Jaya.
Hear alot about Snowflake from puiyeng, she always talk about this in front of me! XD

Really nice! It's made up from yam, sweet potato, gui-ling-gao and ice-blended.

After that, we driving to our next favorite destination-- sunway pyramid.
On the way we looking for nice food as our lunch, she saw a very nice and tasty cupcake.
Just buy it and taste! XD
She was very happy because can eat the cupcake that she want to try since long time before. =)
Pretty and cute face. *LIKE*

WE have our dinner in Pasta Zanmai(パスタ三 昧)..
Can see she was very happy during enjoy her OCHA~ ^^

To be continue...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Relax day

Luckily today my 101 hair care job only
need to work for 5 days in my 2nd semester break!
Before that i found a job in Courts, Shah Alam to sell the home appliances
as my sem break part time job.

But unfortunately,
the Sonic company manager
suddenly want me go to interview and
suddenly don't. Confused.

Finally, she don't want me already!
*sad! * i had already search for other job
instead of 101 hair care.

I had a very stressful experience during my first sem break!
I don't want to repeat again, don't even want to pick up the job.
I can't find the job. I NEED a job~!

So, I go back to work as 101 hair care promoter
in my this sem break again.
Same thing happen,
I'm stressful due to the job.
I only can sell for few vouchers during first two days..

God BLESS me...
I had already achieved my target that
given by my manager, Mandy.
Included today's sales,
I had hit my target continuously for the three days.

I'm happy because i get my salary.
I'm more happy because i get my commission.
I'm more and more happy because i get the improvement in my speaking and listening.
Especially for my worst language, English since i'm young...
The greatest things that i get it in my 2nd sem break,