Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Shop, A New Business

Hello! My friends!

A good news for you!
And also a good news for me!

La Belle Lens Conte
have you hear before?
Sure all of you have not hear about this name..
Because this is a new name
for my new business!

Hahaha! Why the name for my shop is
La Belle Lens Conte??

Yeah! You are very smart!
My new business is selling lens,
contact lens which the market share is large in current market.

For any detailed information,

We will give you the best service.
Thanks! =)

From Kokv and Puiyeng

Friday, December 10, 2010


After finished the moral exam,
like usually. i cycle go back to my hostel.

Don't know why.
Although i still have 3 main subject to go in my final exam this semester.
But now I'm still free to search for some video in Youtube! :)
What video i search? Hmm... it's a very funny thing to tell others.

It's every animate that
i ever watched during my childhood
long long time ago. XD
The animate below i memorized the most
even it's pass so many years already.

Slam Dunk

A very popular animate among my schoolmate. And some of the reason i have the chance to watch this animate because of my childhood friend. Kang and San. They alway talk about this. With a very interesting and funny topic.

Gundam Seed Destiny

This is a very good animate which is talking about the world full with wars because the desire to be powerful. Two best friends who know to control the gundam body and get involved in the war of opposite sides. Finally, they cooperate with each other to defeat their enemies in order to stop the wars.



爆转陀螺&激斗战车. A nice memory with my brothers. ^^
My older bro always bring us go to buy a new CD at the pasar pagi once a week. With our pocket money. I still remember we felt disappointed if we can't get a new episode from that CD vendor. Actually we wasted alot of $$ because a CD cost rm5 each. And we realized that we bought approximately 100++ CD.. -.-"


Yea.. this is pikachu! This pokemon's name every kid is very well known among the kids. Even my sis also know it's a old version animate already. Nowadays, that are alot of new version substitute the old version already. No fun to watch that anymore.


Nice movie to watch for the children. There is alot of things we can learn from this animate. Who said watch animate is not good for health? Friendship, brave, love... Among the guys and their monsters, that is something we learnt from it! XD

A nice theme song to you all.

Faster end my exam!

I wanna to watch these animate
in my semester break again.
My childhood memory all is
appearing in my mind already.

Funny. Interesting. Unforgettable.
Like it. Appreciate it. Memorize it.

My childhood.