Monday, November 15, 2010

Supper time!

Now is 11.25pm.
And because i'm too hungry,
so i'm going to have a milo panas and four small pieces
of julie's cheese biscuits as my supper now.

Although kampar here got a lot of mamak,
but because of my lazyness,
so i settle it by having my
milo panas and biscuit! XD
I' m still waiting the water to boil,
so have a short post at here!

If normally,
sure Nicholas, my roommate and
down stair that only guy and me
sure going out to buy a burger
from the stall at the road side.

But since i'm lazy to call them
go out to have a tasty burger,
so i decided to have a simple supper.
Enough for my stomach! XD

Hahaha! Don't talk too much already,
the water started to boil and it's ready for
me to make milo panas as the temperature
is reached the highest.

this is my supper. a milo and a biscuit.

Having a simple but nice supper now!

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