Thursday, November 25, 2010

Final is Coming

Final is coming, but i'm still in the playing mode.
I can't switch it off or change it to studying mode..

Started from last sem,
i promised myself that i need to put
more effort into my study,
i should concentrate in my study,
i shouldn't always play around..

But what i promised
i already break it,
i can't make it to be the truth,
why i'm keep playing in the
unless thing, unless game?

How come i became like this?
i need more and more
time to play,
but as we all know
a university student can't
have more time to play already..

And final is keep stalking my life,
this is uncontrollable when
we started enter into school,
Exam, Exam, and Exam...

Huh... exam sometimes u made me tired,
sometimes u made me stressful,
and sometimes even u made me nervous...

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