Thursday, November 25, 2010

Final is Coming

Final is coming, but i'm still in the playing mode.
I can't switch it off or change it to studying mode..

Started from last sem,
i promised myself that i need to put
more effort into my study,
i should concentrate in my study,
i shouldn't always play around..

But what i promised
i already break it,
i can't make it to be the truth,
why i'm keep playing in the
unless thing, unless game?

How come i became like this?
i need more and more
time to play,
but as we all know
a university student can't
have more time to play already..

And final is keep stalking my life,
this is uncontrollable when
we started enter into school,
Exam, Exam, and Exam...

Huh... exam sometimes u made me tired,
sometimes u made me stressful,
and sometimes even u made me nervous...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Supper time!

Now is 11.25pm.
And because i'm too hungry,
so i'm going to have a milo panas and four small pieces
of julie's cheese biscuits as my supper now.

Although kampar here got a lot of mamak,
but because of my lazyness,
so i settle it by having my
milo panas and biscuit! XD
I' m still waiting the water to boil,
so have a short post at here!

If normally,
sure Nicholas, my roommate and
down stair that only guy and me
sure going out to buy a burger
from the stall at the road side.

But since i'm lazy to call them
go out to have a tasty burger,
so i decided to have a simple supper.
Enough for my stomach! XD

Hahaha! Don't talk too much already,
the water started to boil and it's ready for
me to make milo panas as the temperature
is reached the highest.

this is my supper. a milo and a biscuit.

Having a simple but nice supper now!

Friday, November 5, 2010


Today, just a few hours ago..
Puiyeng, Yoke Teng, Felicia and I went to a event organized by UTAR,
our university. This is my first time, and also our first time go to
the event held in the sport complex..

This is a very big event...
this is also the biggest event that UTAR organized first time
in the sport complex!!
The event named as 中华一FUN!
Today is very very unforgettable and funny night..=)

We go enjoy for a whole night and
we can some of the Chinese tradisional games, culture and even wushu..

We also can saw 品冠 came to our college to sing song

and also shake hand with us, but i can't shake his hand,
because too much students want to do it,
and she got abit not happy because of this too...
got me shake your hand then ok liao lorr...
Dun ask too much from anyone..=)

But she is happy after did the
manicure on her nail,
and she always show off to me about
her new and beautiful manicure!
I'm happy if she is happy too~~
Although she can't touch 品冠's hand,
but she is still happy tonight..^^

Hmmm.. for those got saw my post last time,
so u all remember that i said i will teach u all
color in Japanese language..
the colors' name are show as following:

red= AKA
orange= orenji
yellow = kiro
green = midori
blue= ao
purple= murasaki
pink= pinku
black= kuro
white= shiro
bronze= dou
silver= gin
gold= kin

Hope u all can learn it from other sources too..