Tuesday, October 26, 2010

this is week 2 of 2nd sem

Hello, everyone! I'm kokv! =)

Recently is very busy in my year one sem two,
this semester i'm taking introduction to sociology, management principles
and the last but not least is introduction to japanese language.

This sem no more chemistry, calculus and physics,
last sem my chemistry, calculus and physic result
disappointed me a lot...

The result of last sem is not what i expected,
it's less than what i want,
and the result i want it's still
has a very very long distance
to get it. to achieve it!

After attend for 1 week class,
i think that japanese language this subject i'm more
and more interested in it...
Hmm.. may be it is a new language to me,
so i felt that this is a new challenge to myself! XD

For another two subjects,
the sociology i don't know
what is the lecturer talking about..
Haizzz.. it's a quite difficult
subject to me especially need to write
an essay in the final exam..

Although the assignment for this subject
i almost finished already...
but there is another 3 assignment waiting
for me to complete it!!

A damn heavy work in university!
Assignment, report and presentations...
a lot and a lot
continuous, non-stop!
until i graduate...

But no matter what happen and
how difficult is the mission,
i also will try myself to cope it.
solve it. and face it!

Gambateh kokv
!! ^^

And teach u all something i learnt from
japanese class..

good morning=ohaiyo
good afternoon=konichiwa
good evening=konbawa
good night=Oyasuminasai

Next time i teach u all colours..
and everyone

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