Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This Is A Nice Memory..

I'm still remember,
1 year ago, that is 2009.
I started to have my own tuition, because of my teacher ms Look,
she gave me a chance to open a tuition class at her tuition centre.
and also because of her, i can have my tuition students to teach.
Although there is only a small numbers of students, but i m happy to possess it! XD

Starting from March,
i started to teach form 4 math and science,
form4 science, i didn't take before! how i'm going to teach my students?! OMG!!
but my teacher told me, encourage me, u can do it! it's very simple only, challenge yourself.. it's possible to do these things. So finally i have to accept it.
That time just has 3 person for me to teach,
may be i'm not a good teacher,or, may be i don't have enough experience to teach people,
my students don't even understand what i'm teaching..
I felt sad and disappointed to myself..=(
I ask myself, isn't i'm not teaching well in science? Why they don't understand at all! OMG again!
finally, i know the reason already, they are not understand scientific term, especially the long long and damn boring biological term... -.-

After that, i get a new students again, three of them are from science stream class,
they are taking biology as their main science subject. Hmmm.. this is the golden opportunity for me to teach, to "fa hui" my bio to them! HAHAHAHA!
Three of them are very hard working girls, and one of them, is quite clever, once u say, she can understand what u are trying to explain, she really pandai lar.. but the rest also ok lar, but is kay po abit lorr~~ XP
During the class, three of them very active and talkative, this is the thing i like, i like people can talk much in the class, at least they can learn more and learn what they don't understand!

Finally,i have to end my tuition class due to study at kampar..T.T i'm forced myself to cancel the class i having because it is very tired for me to continue to teach u all... Haizzz... tuition can give me earn the money, other than money, that is another thing i had earn is the friendship between me and my students...
and this is the photo they take with their teacher at the last day..

i didn't say i'm one of u girls! XP

this is my students...
from left to right 臭菜 臭琼 臭淑

i hope our teacher-students relationship can be forever! And also friendship! ^^

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