Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A gift for mummy...

Amway company got a new product, it is use to reduce people's wrinkles one...
i wanna save money buy it for you! =)

Hmm...rm 820..rm 820..
RM 820!!
It is very expensive, i have to save a lot of money to buy this.
But..the second week of March is Mother's day already,
but now i didn't have a lot of cash in my hand...=(

So,mummy...i will buy another product to you first,
wild yam, another cosmetic product to u first on Mother's day.
Mummy,wait...wait me save money and give you a surprise!
This is the thing i wanna buy for my mum...but no enough money now.
So...this will be true on 21 Sept 2010. ^^

And this is the gift for my mum on mother's day. NICE! XD

U have done alot for our family
U have sacrifice alot for our four children
U have posses alot of wrinkles because of these...

i love u...
wish u always young and happy...
i wan hao hao xiao sun ni forever...


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