Monday, April 5, 2010

Drama presentation

Hey, today is our group drama presentation...
Today my lecturer said that she like my figure... figure is a girl ler. >.<
Samor she call me ladygaga...

Today is a memorable day,
because today i had sacrifice
my image,
my body,
my face,
my everything. OMG!

But the drama presentation is very successful.
And this is the first time i have this look,
first time make up,
first time fit with a coconut bra, image spoiling,
but it is worth for our group.
Because sometimes i felt that i din contribute
anything to my own group,
so...this is the thing i can
done for my group.

The life in UNI is really not easy,
After a few days, got another presentation again for
my webpage and management stdy,
i still got a bit scare abt this
due to my english is not enough good to do that.

But i know that i m improviing it,
from the sem1 i dun dare to say anything with my classmates
until my sem2 and sem3 i start to use it to communicate with my frenz
then sem2 break start to blog
like someone tell me
blogging is not for others to see
but it is just for myself to view
and the most important is
by using this way i can really
improve my poor and bad english language
by reading others'blog...


sem3 is going to end..
i am going to kampar soon..
don't know kampar is nice or not ler...


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