Monday, March 15, 2010


Today, i had done what i had promised to myself.
Oh-yeah~ i had promised myself i will attend to the class early.

This morning i really woke up at 5am, but not like to wake up...
really felt tired sleepy and i want cont to sleep larrrrrrrrrrrr.....
my bed, my pillow, my blanket...i want cont to sleep with them, 5 mins enough!


Hahaha...this is my first time reached at PJ so early, there are really got few
vehicles on the road, but the road there are no car now it doesn't means that after few hours it still the same...since you all also know that the traffic jam in PJ is really sucks! Rush Hour.



UTAR really got a lot of assignments to do, webpage, management study, then drama.
Everything also have complete yet since this week is already week 3. All my assgmnt have to submit on week 5. Got presentation somemore! ><

But i know that every assgmnt have to do it or accomplish it as faster as i can.
After that..i have to concentrate on my study,
this is week 3 already, but actually i don't anything about my english for comm. my management study. and finally is my web page.

Kokv, jiayou lar~~ *hardworking*

This is a white glove...i take this pic is just for fun. =p

Time. Our God treats everyone quite fairly, He only gives 24 hours to each person. Not more. and Not less. It is exactly 24 hours. Nobody can stop the time, the time is very cruel you know? The clock needle stop moving doesn't means that the the time is also stop. The time was gone. The time is passing second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour. It is not going to stop. Time wouldn't wait anybody.

So...appreciate your time, and do something is meaningful for yourself.
You play, you watch movie, you eat bak kut teh, you go dating.
Everything you can do as you feel happy when doing this...
At least you are happy. Don't regret what you did.
Don't regret what you didn't do before.


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Delorfilinde said...

i totally LOL at "you go dating"..