Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Story of SEI Kor MAU Lei

Today, i felt very tired...
because had done some foolish thing in this evening,
really a noob thing that other people wouldn't do.
More correctly, is four of us, Ivan, Alvin, Joseph and I had walk from our rental house in Section19 to Taman Paramount LRT station, yes!! Really, is walk to the LRT station..it is a very far distance from our place to the LRT station, it is really far.>.<

Initially, we plan go to take a bus go to Asia Jaya and then only take the subsequent way go to our destination, Ivan's house. But we din take the first way to go, we choosing to take a taxi instead of taking a bus..
WTH...this is a wrong and stupid decision that we had make!!
Haizzz.. =(

UNfortunately, along the way to kelana jaya, there are no one taxi can let us to take,we had to walked to there...and finally we felt tired, tired, and tired...

And this is called the story of "SEI Kor Mau LEE"...LOLOL

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