Monday, March 1, 2010


Today i only realized that biomedical is a course that cant get a good job on my future...>.<

Today morning i had a breakfast with my UNI frenz at OLDTOWN...we talked about a lot of things...more things on our jobs and future after we have been graduated on the future..Some of them had already decided change from foundation in sc to foundation in art...then only left me study alone in biomedical again...sometimes i hope that they don't change their course, because can acc me to study in this field...but i know that i am very selfish on this, i know how bad am i...><

Anyway, i wish them can have a good future in their life...=)

All of my frenz also damn funny...when i talked abt with my frenz abt our future, we talked abt everythings some more we wanna to be "AhLONG" and smuggler...LOLOL!

yaya...a fast-earning money job...=) can consider abt it...wuahahaha...

Got 3 ways for me to choose in front of me...first way, i continue my biomedical..but i know that it is quite hard to get a job for me..second way, quit from biomedical again and do course transfer again change to another field,but had transfered from psychology before...
Should i do it again...?? =(

3rd way...transfer to another college and cont my study at there after finished my foundation in utar...start everything again...this is what i want?? =(


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