Sunday, March 14, 2010

Promise you...=)

Today have to sleep early...tomorrow have to wake up at 5am then have to drive from my hometown go to my school in PJ like normally that what i had done from my sem2 until.MONDAY really is a JAM JAM day in the morning, is every MONDAY!
Especially the traffic at LDP highway, really sucks!

Yaya...i always have to pass through the LDP highway then only can reach my school.
Then the traffic always start to JAM after the toll..
I always jam at there for half an hour...>.<

This few months Monday i always late due to the traffic jam in PJ.
Sometimes really paiseh when entering to my class...

So, kokv, i promise you. Tomorrow i will not late go into the class again..
Yes...i promise you. =)

nite nite everyone...

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