Sunday, March 14, 2010


Yesterday, go to have a hair cut..


Today, i looked at the mirror and realized that,
My new looked seeems like LALA style tim...
Luckily my mum didn't scold me after i have this hair cutting,

but tonite my dad come back! >.<

Emm...may be this is Big Brother's hairstyle ba...
i still like it, i wanna be a Gangster Big Brother..
not that one like to fight one,
not like own a lot of field one,
not that one like to speak damn-shit words..

On the other hand,
i want to be a high-educational, smart, clever, gentle one.
NO tattoo. NO smoking. NO alcohol. NO drugs.

LOLOL! THis is the bigbrother i want.

Then may be you all will ask,
how my gang can keep surviving if i didn't do this..
wahahaha...because my gang wouldn't do this low-class-jobs
We plan to...

HAHAHAHAHAHA...this one cant tell lor~~


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