Saturday, March 13, 2010

A nEW Look

Today, i am decided to cut my since my mum said my hair is very very long already...
Haizzzzzzz....before that plan to have a longer hair since secondary school didn't allow guy to have a
long long hair.

I have to go to the salon near my primary school one, it is the most expensive salon in my hometown,but it is also the fastest salon in my hometown,so fast the salon worker cut my hair in just a few minutes..

and i have a new look now!!

Sorry for no pic is supplied...
because i not really like to take photo since i didn't have a very nice camera
Have a target now! Buy a professional camera for myself. =)
Hope i can have it soon.

It is very weird i saw my hair in front of the mirror.. is.

Then i have rush back to my home due to have tuition to teach at the night.. students....
Is mathematics is a quite diffiult subject to u? Is my teaching skill got problem?
Or is u don't want the mathematics' tuition class?
If yes...then just close it!

hey,can show me ur serious face or not?
I am very tired on teaching u in front of the stage...


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