Thursday, March 11, 2010


I am happy!! =)
I am happy not because others,
I am happy because of myself,
I am happy because i can saved a life,
I am happy because i had done some good thing to others,
I am happy because...nothing??!!

I am finding some reasons to show that i am happy??


Emm...sometimes happy didn't need any reasons,
it depends on what you feel now, it does not need reasons...
it is truth!


LSY, jiayou! :D

We are supporting you!

This pic very nice...^^

The pic above was took today,the poses we done are in the LOVE shape, it means to give support to her...HER?? May be this question will appear in your mind, actually she is a patient who had leukemia, but she is still fighting with the death-God and we always prayed that LSY's family can find the most suitable bone marrow can transfered as earlier as possible...=)

Wish LSY can be cured asap.

Let's us pray for her together...


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