Friday, February 12, 2010

Trying to become a blogger :D

Hello...everyone!! Nice to meet u all here...
juz start to become a beginner of the blog....=)

Hahaha...y my nickname is ultaman...>.<
this question should throw to my Uni friend lor....but if u observe well then u will realize it...=)
from my own pic..LOLOL ^^

Emm....y i suddenly create a blog for myself ler?? initiation from my Uni frenz, JOSEPH!!!! He is 1 of my university frenz and my playful(carzy!!!) housemate... samor i m having my sem break now....nothing to do then create a new blog for myself...Hahahah~~coz i dun wan become a mold in my sem break and Chinese New Year XD

Everything in the blog world also quite fresh for me.... >.<
So, have to learn a lot of things from my frenz, joseph and puiyeng on how to improve my own blog...

i m trying my best to become a good blogger and moving to a wonderful sem break!! ^^

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Pikuniuniu said...

hahaha.. the main initiator is me meh??? =p