Thursday, February 25, 2010

A "surprising" day...

Start from the morning yesterday, before the light enter to my sleeping eye…my ear had received a quite nice sound from my handset…a message from J had received by it…”today go kl bai nian, u wan join bo?” the surprise of the whole day start from this simple message…=)

At Kepong…we plan go to T’s house bai nian and then go watch movie ”Little Big Soldier”… it is very nice and funny movie…I like it!! But before we go watch movie…another surprise is appeared~~ the surprise is our final exam’s result come out already!! Everyone of us feel very “gan jiong“ that time…especially is I…he is gan jiong than me 10times~~XD after go back to T’house checked the result then only he feel better…he said this is his first time he like go to stdy! XD


Then we go to bai nian at PY’s house at Shah Alam…after that, we go back to Kepong.But the more surprise things is T’s car got problem already when we going back…Then we had to take a almost two hour break at pj,ss2…then almost 11pm only reached home…it is quite unforgettable and ”surprise” de memory XD

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