Friday, February 12, 2010

* Snow * =)

I like snow so much...=) May be is in my place didn't got snow fall ba...i would like to have my life in some place got snow fall :D

May be somebody will think that it is quite normal only in their life like the polar people live in the earth pole...
For me...snow is quite hard to have a touch with it...='(

Actually, snow forms if the air in the cloud is below freezing. The water vapour then turn to ice instead of rain and then fall down from the blue sky...but when it is falling down, we still don't know whether they will end up as rain or remain as snow..;D

Emm....i realized that the snow falling is just like the things happen in our life...
Don't know why...some of my UNI friends they will easily to give up on doing somethings like reading a book or baking a cake...they will easily feel impatient and up set even like to give up when they are not able to handle the things they are doing...but very weird is i didn't realize my secondary schoolmate will become this de wor...May be this just was happened in my UNI friends only ba...>.<

I know that sometimes we had put many many effort on what we are doing..but our effort can't make sure that we can success it on that things...But at least we had try our best to do it...=)
is it?? my friends~~
What will be happen at the next moment we don't the snow fall down on the ground we still don't know they will end up as rain or remain as snow...=)

No matter what is happen...the things i sure that is our parents and our friends will alway stand beside us to give us support forever...=)

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