Saturday, February 20, 2010

A small small paper ^^

Today is “Chu Liu”, the 6th day of CNY…Sure I had ate a lot of things...all my favourite food...^^ In all the things I ate, one of my favourite food is Prosperity Cookies , (“Xing Yun Bing” in Chinese) In the few passed days …I had treat all my relatives and best friend to eat it… this cookies is a quite nice de snack that used to treat my relatives and my best friends to eat during CNY =)…the “Xing Yun Bing” is bought by my bro from his company…I thought that the cookies is very nice due to it is containing a small paper inside, but not it’s tasteness…that has a meaningful and good awfully message on the small paper, which is deliver to the people eat it!! :D

Actually, I had ate the cookies since 2 years ago…but recently I ate the cookies again, I feel that the cookies I ate become very fantastic ler!! Don’t know why any things or events happened recently, every times I eat the cookies, the message on the small paper also fit my thinking and action…"Do what you love today and never regret for not doing it”…..this cookies also always give me some confident and encouragement to do something I don’t dare to do…Really…the things I didn’t plan to do, but finally I had done it…=)

I like to collect the small small de paper,and I had collected a lot of thems samor i thought that the small small paper really meaningful and worth to be collected... i put it in a crystal glass due to it is looked better...and this action like i put any good things inside there...XD

Prosperity Cookies is really nice and fantastic! XD

Emm…then I buy it from where ler?? Hahaha…the cookies in my home is no need to buy de…Coz my bro always buy it for our family…My bro, Jeffrey,he always bought the nice and delicious things and food for my family every year…LOL! Dun jealous hor…=P actually my bro is a very very very nice de bro...he is very sayang me…I am quite glad and lucky because I have bro like this…=) Hahaha…thanks God award me a very very very good de bro…^^

And finally i should thank my best friend, ms puiyeng also,she is one of my UNI schoolmate and my blog de shi fu...=) coz she very and very patient to teach me about how to improve my blog......may be i am too foolish already......she had use a lot of time to teach a noob like me...since i am young, if i don't understand any things,sure i will ask a lot of times until i get it....if not, i will keep asking my teacher and may be cause until many and many question come out......>.<

But anyway, thank you...=)

Keep happy everyday… and hope all my siblings and best friend can get more and more Hong Pau until Chap Goh Mei…of course including me lar~~=)

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Delorfilinde said...

hey i want a cookie!! =)

nice blog btw