Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Shop, A New Business

Hello! My friends!

A good news for you!
And also a good news for me!

La Belle Lens Conte
have you hear before?
Sure all of you have not hear about this name..
Because this is a new name
for my new business!

Hahaha! Why the name for my shop is
La Belle Lens Conte??

Yeah! You are very smart!
My new business is selling lens,
contact lens which the market share is large in current market.

For any detailed information,

We will give you the best service.
Thanks! =)

From Kokv and Puiyeng

Friday, December 10, 2010


After finished the moral exam,
like usually. i cycle go back to my hostel.

Don't know why.
Although i still have 3 main subject to go in my final exam this semester.
But now I'm still free to search for some video in Youtube! :)
What video i search? Hmm... it's a very funny thing to tell others.

It's every animate that
i ever watched during my childhood
long long time ago. XD
The animate below i memorized the most
even it's pass so many years already.

Slam Dunk

A very popular animate among my schoolmate. And some of the reason i have the chance to watch this animate because of my childhood friend. Kang and San. They alway talk about this. With a very interesting and funny topic.

Gundam Seed Destiny

This is a very good animate which is talking about the world full with wars because the desire to be powerful. Two best friends who know to control the gundam body and get involved in the war of opposite sides. Finally, they cooperate with each other to defeat their enemies in order to stop the wars.



爆转陀螺&激斗战车. A nice memory with my brothers. ^^
My older bro always bring us go to buy a new CD at the pasar pagi once a week. With our pocket money. I still remember we felt disappointed if we can't get a new episode from that CD vendor. Actually we wasted alot of $$ because a CD cost rm5 each. And we realized that we bought approximately 100++ CD.. -.-"


Yea.. this is pikachu! This pokemon's name every kid is very well known among the kids. Even my sis also know it's a old version animate already. Nowadays, that are alot of new version substitute the old version already. No fun to watch that anymore.


Nice movie to watch for the children. There is alot of things we can learn from this animate. Who said watch animate is not good for health? Friendship, brave, love... Among the guys and their monsters, that is something we learnt from it! XD

A nice theme song to you all.

Faster end my exam!

I wanna to watch these animate
in my semester break again.
My childhood memory all is
appearing in my mind already.

Funny. Interesting. Unforgettable.
Like it. Appreciate it. Memorize it.

My childhood.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Final is Coming

Final is coming, but i'm still in the playing mode.
I can't switch it off or change it to studying mode..

Started from last sem,
i promised myself that i need to put
more effort into my study,
i should concentrate in my study,
i shouldn't always play around..

But what i promised
i already break it,
i can't make it to be the truth,
why i'm keep playing in the
unless thing, unless game?

How come i became like this?
i need more and more
time to play,
but as we all know
a university student can't
have more time to play already..

And final is keep stalking my life,
this is uncontrollable when
we started enter into school,
Exam, Exam, and Exam...

Huh... exam sometimes u made me tired,
sometimes u made me stressful,
and sometimes even u made me nervous...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Supper time!

Now is 11.25pm.
And because i'm too hungry,
so i'm going to have a milo panas and four small pieces
of julie's cheese biscuits as my supper now.

Although kampar here got a lot of mamak,
but because of my lazyness,
so i settle it by having my
milo panas and biscuit! XD
I' m still waiting the water to boil,
so have a short post at here!

If normally,
sure Nicholas, my roommate and
down stair that only guy and me
sure going out to buy a burger
from the stall at the road side.

But since i'm lazy to call them
go out to have a tasty burger,
so i decided to have a simple supper.
Enough for my stomach! XD

Hahaha! Don't talk too much already,
the water started to boil and it's ready for
me to make milo panas as the temperature
is reached the highest.

this is my supper. a milo and a biscuit.

Having a simple but nice supper now!

Friday, November 5, 2010


Today, just a few hours ago..
Puiyeng, Yoke Teng, Felicia and I went to a event organized by UTAR,
our university. This is my first time, and also our first time go to
the event held in the sport complex..

This is a very big event...
this is also the biggest event that UTAR organized first time
in the sport complex!!
The event named as 中华一FUN!
Today is very very unforgettable and funny night..=)

We go enjoy for a whole night and
we can some of the Chinese tradisional games, culture and even wushu..

We also can saw 品冠 came to our college to sing song

and also shake hand with us, but i can't shake his hand,
because too much students want to do it,
and she got abit not happy because of this too...
got me shake your hand then ok liao lorr...
Dun ask too much from anyone..=)

But she is happy after did the
manicure on her nail,
and she always show off to me about
her new and beautiful manicure!
I'm happy if she is happy too~~
Although she can't touch 品冠's hand,
but she is still happy tonight..^^

Hmmm.. for those got saw my post last time,
so u all remember that i said i will teach u all
color in Japanese language..
the colors' name are show as following:

red= AKA
orange= orenji
yellow = kiro
green = midori
blue= ao
purple= murasaki
pink= pinku
black= kuro
white= shiro
bronze= dou
silver= gin
gold= kin

Hope u all can learn it from other sources too..

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

this is week 2 of 2nd sem

Hello, everyone! I'm kokv! =)

Recently is very busy in my year one sem two,
this semester i'm taking introduction to sociology, management principles
and the last but not least is introduction to japanese language.

This sem no more chemistry, calculus and physics,
last sem my chemistry, calculus and physic result
disappointed me a lot...

The result of last sem is not what i expected,
it's less than what i want,
and the result i want it's still
has a very very long distance
to get it. to achieve it!

After attend for 1 week class,
i think that japanese language this subject i'm more
and more interested in it...
Hmm.. may be it is a new language to me,
so i felt that this is a new challenge to myself! XD

For another two subjects,
the sociology i don't know
what is the lecturer talking about..
Haizzz.. it's a quite difficult
subject to me especially need to write
an essay in the final exam..

Although the assignment for this subject
i almost finished already...
but there is another 3 assignment waiting
for me to complete it!!

A damn heavy work in university!
Assignment, report and presentations...
a lot and a lot
continuous, non-stop!
until i graduate...

But no matter what happen and
how difficult is the mission,
i also will try myself to cope it.
solve it. and face it!

Gambateh kokv
!! ^^

And teach u all something i learnt from
japanese class..

good morning=ohaiyo
good afternoon=konichiwa
good evening=konbawa
good night=Oyasuminasai

Next time i teach u all colours..
and everyone

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This Is A Nice Memory..

I'm still remember,
1 year ago, that is 2009.
I started to have my own tuition, because of my teacher ms Look,
she gave me a chance to open a tuition class at her tuition centre.
and also because of her, i can have my tuition students to teach.
Although there is only a small numbers of students, but i m happy to possess it! XD

Starting from March,
i started to teach form 4 math and science,
form4 science, i didn't take before! how i'm going to teach my students?! OMG!!
but my teacher told me, encourage me, u can do it! it's very simple only, challenge yourself.. it's possible to do these things. So finally i have to accept it.
That time just has 3 person for me to teach,
may be i'm not a good teacher,or, may be i don't have enough experience to teach people,
my students don't even understand what i'm teaching..
I felt sad and disappointed to myself..=(
I ask myself, isn't i'm not teaching well in science? Why they don't understand at all! OMG again!
finally, i know the reason already, they are not understand scientific term, especially the long long and damn boring biological term... -.-

After that, i get a new students again, three of them are from science stream class,
they are taking biology as their main science subject. Hmmm.. this is the golden opportunity for me to teach, to "fa hui" my bio to them! HAHAHAHA!
Three of them are very hard working girls, and one of them, is quite clever, once u say, she can understand what u are trying to explain, she really pandai lar.. but the rest also ok lar, but is kay po abit lorr~~ XP
During the class, three of them very active and talkative, this is the thing i like, i like people can talk much in the class, at least they can learn more and learn what they don't understand!

Finally,i have to end my tuition class due to study at kampar..T.T i'm forced myself to cancel the class i having because it is very tired for me to continue to teach u all... Haizzz... tuition can give me earn the money, other than money, that is another thing i had earn is the friendship between me and my students...
and this is the photo they take with their teacher at the last day..

i didn't say i'm one of u girls! XP

this is my students...
from left to right 臭菜 臭琼 臭淑

i hope our teacher-students relationship can be forever! And also friendship! ^^

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Count down!

Now counting down my working days in IOI MALL...
LOL! since 24/9 until now, i m working at IOI mall,
as a hair care promoter and this is my first time as a promoter
in a shopping center.. XD

Hmm... so my sales on the first day is totally get a zero!
Wtf... how come i will get a zero sales in my life..>.< is the sixth day already,
4 more days to go..=)

But, there is another job at Giant Shah Alam,
work as a same hair care promoter tooooo...
Hmm... another 11 days until my Melacca trip on 15 and 16 sept.
Verrryyyyyy EXCITED!
My Melacca Trip!


Friday, July 23, 2010


this kind of foul language always come out in my mind,
not i'm a person like to speak foul things,
is because all the thing about study also,
make me suffering...

Chemistry, Calculus, General Physic, Computer System, and my Lab Test!
and then midterm is coming soon!
aahhrrr~~~ i got no enough time to do my revision because there are 3 full reports waiting for me to write!


Friday, June 18, 2010


my life in kampar started on 31st May...

At the beginning,
everything is still ok about my study...
but now only i know, i can understand the real life in degree,
it is totally different for my previous foundation..
sometimes i felt stress about this.

My chemistry, general physics, Sun zi art of war, calculus and algebra, emotional intelligence, computer system and my chemistry laboratory...

Yeaaa... I m taking 7 subjects in the year 1 sem 1,
i almost wanna die since there is two full report once week...
now i got no time to update my blog in order to finish my heavy jobs...
Assginments. Chemistry report. Study.

Why i got no time to do what i like?

why i got no time to go where i like?

why i got no time to accompany who i love?

Because of these things...
Busyyy life...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Please shut your mouth!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

long time didn't do these...

It is long time i didn't meet u already...

It is long time i didn't see your big big eyes already...

It is long time i didn't see your smiling face already...

It is long time i didn't see your mouse-shaped ears already...

It is long time i didn't see your face already...

It is long time i didn't hear your voice already...

It is long time i didn't hear your heartbeat already...

It is long time i didn't hear you teh me already...

It is long time i didn't touch your face already...

It is long time i didn't touch your hair already...

It is long time i didn't touch your hand already...

It is long time i didn't touch your earlobes already...

It is long time i didn't hug your body already...

It is long time i didn't hug you tightly already...

It is long time i didn't hug you from behind already...

It is long time i didn't hug you from front already...

It is long time i didn't hug you from side already...

It is long time i didn't kiss your checks already...

It is long time i didn't kiss your lips already...

It is long time i didn't kiss your hand already...

It is long time i didn't kiss your forehead already...

It is long time i didn't smell your smell already...

It is long time i didn't smell your hair already...

It is long time i didn't smell your hand already...

It is long time i didn't smell your body already...

It is long time i didn't smell your baobao already...

It is long time i didn't hold your hand already...

It is long time i didn't hold your hand tightly already...

It is long time i didn't hold your left hand already...

It is long time i didn't hold your right hand already...

It is long time i didn't hold your both hand already...

It is long time i didn't feel your heartbeat already...

It is long time i didn't feel your body temperature already...

It is long time i didn't steal your foods already...

It is long time i didn't steal your drinks already...

It is long time i didn't steal to kiss you already...

It is long time i didn't steal to hug you already...


Friday, May 7, 2010



不要告诉BAO BAO..



陪你. 哄你. 抱你. 保护你.




Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hmm...may be the problem is me ba.
what i did can't give u feel safety,
this is my problems,
it is not urs.
but i will try mybest to solve this problems.



IF u think that we will break then better u dun begin it...
IF u think that we will break then better u choose dun wan stay together..
IF u think that we will break then better u think we wouldn't break rather than u think that we will break...

Although the time passed already,
but u still didn't have the confidence that u must have to me.
Although the time passed already,
but u still think that i can't give u confidence to continue our relationship.
Although the time passed already,
but u still think that our relationship will end up with BREAK!

what i do to eliminate this thing from ur mind?
Can anyone tell me?

The more u think the thing will happen,
the more chances to let it happen.
The thing u believe that it will happen,
what u think in ur mind will become true.
A book named The Secret written by Rhonda Byrne mentioned.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A gift for mummy...

Amway company got a new product, it is use to reduce people's wrinkles one...
i wanna save money buy it for you! =)

Hmm...rm 820..rm 820..
RM 820!!
It is very expensive, i have to save a lot of money to buy this.
But..the second week of March is Mother's day already,
but now i didn't have a lot of cash in my hand...=(

So,mummy...i will buy another product to you first,
wild yam, another cosmetic product to u first on Mother's day.
Mummy,wait...wait me save money and give you a surprise!
This is the thing i wanna buy for my mum...but no enough money now.
So...this will be true on 21 Sept 2010. ^^

And this is the gift for my mum on mother's day. NICE! XD

U have done alot for our family
U have sacrifice alot for our four children
U have posses alot of wrinkles because of these...

i love u...
wish u always young and happy...
i wan hao hao xiao sun ni forever...


Saturday, April 24, 2010





Thursday, April 22, 2010

The night after we met

My friends,

Thank you...
your concern,
your care,
your support.

Make me felt well.
make me felt comfortable.
and make me felt the existence of real friendship.

Because of you all,
i learnt a lot.

Nothing i can say,
except for thank you...
Can friendship last forever?
between u all and me.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Hey! U know what u had done!
It is too over already!
I wouldn't let you do it again...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

If can,
let pass all the pain
to me...

Let me withstand all the pain
that u having now...



Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Now is 12.04pm,
but your face was appear
many and many times in
my mind...


miss u

Now is 11.45am...
i m in my school's comp lab now...
that is nothing to do,
except one thing,
that is...
i miss my girl now...


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Keep my word to u

I promise u,
I wouldn't leave u alone,
I will stay with u,

I love u,
It wouldn't change,
whatever happen,
i wouldn't dump u...

From the beginning until now,
i also cant give u confident ma?


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

got something big problem liao...
i still don't know how to solve it...
hope they all don't know everything...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Drama presentation

Hey, today is our group drama presentation...
Today my lecturer said that she like my figure... figure is a girl ler. >.<
Samor she call me ladygaga...

Today is a memorable day,
because today i had sacrifice
my image,
my body,
my face,
my everything. OMG!

But the drama presentation is very successful.
And this is the first time i have this look,
first time make up,
first time fit with a coconut bra, image spoiling,
but it is worth for our group.
Because sometimes i felt that i din contribute
anything to my own group,
so...this is the thing i can
done for my group.

The life in UNI is really not easy,
After a few days, got another presentation again for
my webpage and management stdy,
i still got a bit scare abt this
due to my english is not enough good to do that.

But i know that i m improviing it,
from the sem1 i dun dare to say anything with my classmates
until my sem2 and sem3 i start to use it to communicate with my frenz
then sem2 break start to blog
like someone tell me
blogging is not for others to see
but it is just for myself to view
and the most important is
by using this way i can really
improve my poor and bad english language
by reading others'blog...


sem3 is going to end..
i am going to kampar soon..
don't know kampar is nice or not ler...


Wednesday, March 31, 2010


即使是短短的一分钟 >.<

手头上的report, assignment


LOl! X)

这是我第一次穿起白色lab coat,


Happy. Sweet. Unforgettable memory.
My first time.


Monday, March 29, 2010

it is time to take a rest is a long time i didn't write my blog already...

actually, not i am lazy to do this,
is due to the assignment in school
is like the mountain!
is like a very high mountain!

This few weeks also have to complete all the assigment
and then finals!
It is too tired when doing this...
So, take a few time to update my blog.

After that, have to rush my assgmt already.
Kokv, jiayou!!
Telling myself...Hahahahaha....
and nites
to the world.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

After the rain comes a sunny day...

Don't emo
My friend...

Don't sad
My friend...

Don't cry
My friend...

Don't make yourself too nervous..

don't worry.. and

don't think too much, ok?

Sure it wouldn't be very serious like you think...

It is worthless for you to worry this,

It is not what should you do.

After the rain comes a sunny day...
take care.. my dear friend.

i like to see you smile everyday,
like since the first day
we know each other.


Hey,my friend.
Don't worry too much..
This is just a small case..
Everything will be fine..=)
Believe me...ok?


Monday, March 15, 2010


Today, i had done what i had promised to myself.
Oh-yeah~ i had promised myself i will attend to the class early.

This morning i really woke up at 5am, but not like to wake up...
really felt tired sleepy and i want cont to sleep larrrrrrrrrrrr.....
my bed, my pillow, my blanket...i want cont to sleep with them, 5 mins enough!


Hahaha...this is my first time reached at PJ so early, there are really got few
vehicles on the road, but the road there are no car now it doesn't means that after few hours it still the same...since you all also know that the traffic jam in PJ is really sucks! Rush Hour.



UTAR really got a lot of assignments to do, webpage, management study, then drama.
Everything also have complete yet since this week is already week 3. All my assgmnt have to submit on week 5. Got presentation somemore! ><

But i know that every assgmnt have to do it or accomplish it as faster as i can.
After that..i have to concentrate on my study,
this is week 3 already, but actually i don't anything about my english for comm. my management study. and finally is my web page.

Kokv, jiayou lar~~ *hardworking*

This is a white glove...i take this pic is just for fun. =p

Time. Our God treats everyone quite fairly, He only gives 24 hours to each person. Not more. and Not less. It is exactly 24 hours. Nobody can stop the time, the time is very cruel you know? The clock needle stop moving doesn't means that the the time is also stop. The time was gone. The time is passing second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour. It is not going to stop. Time wouldn't wait anybody.

So...appreciate your time, and do something is meaningful for yourself.
You play, you watch movie, you eat bak kut teh, you go dating.
Everything you can do as you feel happy when doing this...
At least you are happy. Don't regret what you did.
Don't regret what you didn't do before.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Promise you...=)

Today have to sleep early...tomorrow have to wake up at 5am then have to drive from my hometown go to my school in PJ like normally that what i had done from my sem2 until.MONDAY really is a JAM JAM day in the morning, is every MONDAY!
Especially the traffic at LDP highway, really sucks!

Yaya...i always have to pass through the LDP highway then only can reach my school.
Then the traffic always start to JAM after the toll..
I always jam at there for half an hour...>.<

This few months Monday i always late due to the traffic jam in PJ.
Sometimes really paiseh when entering to my class...

So, kokv, i promise you. Tomorrow i will not late go into the class again..
Yes...i promise you. =)

nite nite everyone...


Yesterday, go to have a hair cut..


Today, i looked at the mirror and realized that,
My new looked seeems like LALA style tim...
Luckily my mum didn't scold me after i have this hair cutting,

but tonite my dad come back! >.<

Emm...may be this is Big Brother's hairstyle ba...
i still like it, i wanna be a Gangster Big Brother..
not that one like to fight one,
not like own a lot of field one,
not that one like to speak damn-shit words..

On the other hand,
i want to be a high-educational, smart, clever, gentle one.
NO tattoo. NO smoking. NO alcohol. NO drugs.

LOLOL! THis is the bigbrother i want.

Then may be you all will ask,
how my gang can keep surviving if i didn't do this..
wahahaha...because my gang wouldn't do this low-class-jobs
We plan to...

HAHAHAHAHAHA...this one cant tell lor~~


Saturday, March 13, 2010

A nEW Look

Today, i am decided to cut my since my mum said my hair is very very long already...
Haizzzzzzz....before that plan to have a longer hair since secondary school didn't allow guy to have a
long long hair.

I have to go to the salon near my primary school one, it is the most expensive salon in my hometown,but it is also the fastest salon in my hometown,so fast the salon worker cut my hair in just a few minutes..

and i have a new look now!!

Sorry for no pic is supplied...
because i not really like to take photo since i didn't have a very nice camera
Have a target now! Buy a professional camera for myself. =)
Hope i can have it soon.

It is very weird i saw my hair in front of the mirror.. is.

Then i have rush back to my home due to have tuition to teach at the night.. students....
Is mathematics is a quite diffiult subject to u? Is my teaching skill got problem?
Or is u don't want the mathematics' tuition class?
If yes...then just close it!

hey,can show me ur serious face or not?
I am very tired on teaching u in front of the stage...


Thursday, March 11, 2010


I am happy!! =)
I am happy not because others,
I am happy because of myself,
I am happy because i can saved a life,
I am happy because i had done some good thing to others,
I am happy because...nothing??!!

I am finding some reasons to show that i am happy??


Emm...sometimes happy didn't need any reasons,
it depends on what you feel now, it does not need reasons...
it is truth!


LSY, jiayou! :D

We are supporting you!

This pic very nice...^^

The pic above was took today,the poses we done are in the LOVE shape, it means to give support to her...HER?? May be this question will appear in your mind, actually she is a patient who had leukemia, but she is still fighting with the death-God and we always prayed that LSY's family can find the most suitable bone marrow can transfered as earlier as possible...=)

Wish LSY can be cured asap.

Let's us pray for her together...


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Story of SEI Kor MAU Lei

Today, i felt very tired...
because had done some foolish thing in this evening,
really a noob thing that other people wouldn't do.
More correctly, is four of us, Ivan, Alvin, Joseph and I had walk from our rental house in Section19 to Taman Paramount LRT station, yes!! Really, is walk to the LRT is a very far distance from our place to the LRT station, it is really far.>.<

Initially, we plan go to take a bus go to Asia Jaya and then only take the subsequent way go to our destination, Ivan's house. But we din take the first way to go, we choosing to take a taxi instead of taking a bus..
WTH...this is a wrong and stupid decision that we had make!!
Haizzz.. =(

UNfortunately, along the way to kelana jaya, there are no one taxi can let us to take,we had to walked to there...and finally we felt tired, tired, and tired...

And this is called the story of "SEI Kor Mau LEE"...LOLOL

Monday, March 8, 2010


I wanna change my hair-style...but don't know what hair style should i change to.

Should i have a short hair like now? or..
have a long hair like others? but sure is not too long,
if not i will looked so weird, like ah gua...>.<

Any suggestions? XD

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Don't cry...

Shocked me...
it really shocked me...

She seems like nothing when come out from the room...but after a few seconds she sit down and then she use her two hands to cover her face...or her eyes, i don't know which one she try to cover..however her tears still come out from her eyes...ya..she is cry...she is really cry...she is crying in front of us...

suddenly my friend and i are being shocked...
suddenly we are in silent...
suddenly very and very quiet...
suddenly we don't know what to do...

i really didn't see my friend cry in front of me for a long time...
really don't know what we can do, and
don't know what we can say, and
don't know what respond should we give...
the thing we can do is just give her a tissue paper to
wipe her tears...

My friend...
don't cry...
"the thing had passed than just let it passed..."
this is you told me before...

CHEER UP, My friend..

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The road not taken

Biomedical or Biotechnology...

again and again...
everything come back
i had to face it again...>.<

Anyone can tell me who can help me now...who can guide me go to the right way?
Sometimes i want go to BANG WALl!!
Sometimes i want hit someone who is voluntary hit by me...or may be i can hit the wall until i lost my all energy, then i will feel better...
Actually i am not ki siao,but at least if i had lost all my energy then i will tire then i will sleep then only i wun think about it anymore like my ex..

But after i wake up again...everything will start again...><

My GOD...or any other GODS that i respect, can tell me guide me what i should do now? Hope YOU can give me an answer when i sleep tonight..i hope i can get the answer..

I am confused now...
I am scared now...
I am lost...

Monday, March 1, 2010


Today i only realized that biomedical is a course that cant get a good job on my future...>.<

Today morning i had a breakfast with my UNI frenz at OLDTOWN...we talked about a lot of things...more things on our jobs and future after we have been graduated on the future..Some of them had already decided change from foundation in sc to foundation in art...then only left me study alone in biomedical again...sometimes i hope that they don't change their course, because can acc me to study in this field...but i know that i am very selfish on this, i know how bad am i...><

Anyway, i wish them can have a good future in their life...=)

All of my frenz also damn funny...when i talked abt with my frenz abt our future, we talked abt everythings some more we wanna to be "AhLONG" and smuggler...LOLOL!

yaya...a fast-earning money job...=) can consider abt it...wuahahaha...

Got 3 ways for me to choose in front of me...first way, i continue my biomedical..but i know that it is quite hard to get a job for me..second way, quit from biomedical again and do course transfer again change to another field,but had transfered from psychology before...
Should i do it again...?? =(

3rd way...transfer to another college and cont my study at there after finished my foundation in utar...start everything again...this is what i want?? =(


Friday, February 26, 2010


Today from the morning i woke up until now
i had try my best to find out something that i want to know is very tired to me...
when doing this job...
tired until feel like to give up...
i don't how many times i had sign in sign out FACEBOOK already...
and don't know how many times "Give Up" this two words appear in my mind...
Finally, "wong tin bat fu yao sam yan"...
finally...i had found the answer......

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I need time...
to prepare myself
to accept something new...

I need time...
to change myself
become more mature...

A "surprising" day...

Start from the morning yesterday, before the light enter to my sleeping eye…my ear had received a quite nice sound from my handset…a message from J had received by it…”today go kl bai nian, u wan join bo?” the surprise of the whole day start from this simple message…=)

At Kepong…we plan go to T’s house bai nian and then go watch movie ”Little Big Soldier”… it is very nice and funny movie…I like it!! But before we go watch movie…another surprise is appeared~~ the surprise is our final exam’s result come out already!! Everyone of us feel very “gan jiong“ that time…especially is I…he is gan jiong than me 10times~~XD after go back to T’house checked the result then only he feel better…he said this is his first time he like go to stdy! XD


Then we go to bai nian at PY’s house at Shah Alam…after that, we go back to Kepong.But the more surprise things is T’s car got problem already when we going back…Then we had to take a almost two hour break at pj,ss2…then almost 11pm only reached home…it is quite unforgettable and ”surprise” de memory XD


May be in your eye this is a small matter...
but for me, it is not...

You said that i am 19 but not 9...
actually i know...
i know that i am not aged 9 again...
but can't let me self-willed ma??

May be I am not a patient ppl like you see...
but some time i need something from you,
but all the time you always don't know....
what i want....='(

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

9th day of CNY,Tee Kong Dan

Yesterday is our Hokkien Lang Eih Tee Kong Dan…Emm… what is this ler??For some of you sure don’t know what is this…Let me tell you all ba! :D Actually this is one of the festivals for Hokkien ppl , we will celebrate it every 9th day of CNY...I thought this is the most bustle and “busy” day for our Hokkien ppl…XD

Every year,my family will cook or buy some food and drinks to bai bai Tee Kong,hope Tee Kong can popi our family pin pin an an...soon soon li li…huat tua cai....Huat ahrrr!! LOl! Hehe...samor ler we will tight two sugar cane at the pillar when bai bai…for some ppl especially at Perak, they will break the most upper part and burn it with the “yuan bao”…but for us is not like that…may be this is because the different cultures ba…=)

This year my house had burnt two red firecrackers ler…:D my house ever burnt two firecrackers together de…but this year is quite different from the passed year…wahaha…may be this year more”ong” ler~~XD

Hahaha…felt that holiday is quite short…need more holiday again….XD feel like go to school again, but at the same time don’t…my heart is qi shang ba xia ler….><>

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A small small paper ^^

Today is “Chu Liu”, the 6th day of CNY…Sure I had ate a lot of things...all my favourite food...^^ In all the things I ate, one of my favourite food is Prosperity Cookies , (“Xing Yun Bing” in Chinese) In the few passed days …I had treat all my relatives and best friend to eat it… this cookies is a quite nice de snack that used to treat my relatives and my best friends to eat during CNY =)…the “Xing Yun Bing” is bought by my bro from his company…I thought that the cookies is very nice due to it is containing a small paper inside, but not it’s tasteness…that has a meaningful and good awfully message on the small paper, which is deliver to the people eat it!! :D

Actually, I had ate the cookies since 2 years ago…but recently I ate the cookies again, I feel that the cookies I ate become very fantastic ler!! Don’t know why any things or events happened recently, every times I eat the cookies, the message on the small paper also fit my thinking and action…"Do what you love today and never regret for not doing it”…..this cookies also always give me some confident and encouragement to do something I don’t dare to do…Really…the things I didn’t plan to do, but finally I had done it…=)

I like to collect the small small de paper,and I had collected a lot of thems samor i thought that the small small paper really meaningful and worth to be collected... i put it in a crystal glass due to it is looked better...and this action like i put any good things inside there...XD

Prosperity Cookies is really nice and fantastic! XD

Emm…then I buy it from where ler?? Hahaha…the cookies in my home is no need to buy de…Coz my bro always buy it for our family…My bro, Jeffrey,he always bought the nice and delicious things and food for my family every year…LOL! Dun jealous hor…=P actually my bro is a very very very nice de bro...he is very sayang me…I am quite glad and lucky because I have bro like this…=) Hahaha…thanks God award me a very very very good de bro…^^

And finally i should thank my best friend, ms puiyeng also,she is one of my UNI schoolmate and my blog de shi fu...=) coz she very and very patient to teach me about how to improve my blog......may be i am too foolish already......she had use a lot of time to teach a noob like me...since i am young, if i don't understand any things,sure i will ask a lot of times until i get it....if not, i will keep asking my teacher and may be cause until many and many question come out......>.<

But anyway, thank you...=)

Keep happy everyday… and hope all my siblings and best friend can get more and more Hong Pau until Chap Goh Mei…of course including me lar~~=)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Take a time to write post during CNY

LOL! Don’t think that ultaman is a very lazy de blogger…He is only busy with his Chinese New Year during this few days…then only he didn't got time to write his blog at here...XD

During this few days…ultaman,I am quite busy hor..this is because many and many relatives come back to visit my house ler… so I am really ”you hei mou deng tao”…>.< is made by my mum and me de hor…sure is “hao jak”!! XD

But the most happy event during CNY is I had received a quite BIG de HONG PAU during CNY eve ler…Hahaha…the HONG PAU is from my daddy de…=) During this few days...i had eat a lot of things oh...may be before my sem3 start then i already become a FFB lor...FFB?? LOL!! fat fat boy lor~XD

Really didn't got much time to update my blog already...Wish all my relatives and all my best friends Happy Chinese NEW YEar...and my lovely family...

take best friend...=)

Friday, February 12, 2010

* Snow * =)

I like snow so much...=) May be is in my place didn't got snow fall ba...i would like to have my life in some place got snow fall :D

May be somebody will think that it is quite normal only in their life like the polar people live in the earth pole...
For me...snow is quite hard to have a touch with it...='(

Actually, snow forms if the air in the cloud is below freezing. The water vapour then turn to ice instead of rain and then fall down from the blue sky...but when it is falling down, we still don't know whether they will end up as rain or remain as snow..;D

Emm....i realized that the snow falling is just like the things happen in our life...
Don't know why...some of my UNI friends they will easily to give up on doing somethings like reading a book or baking a cake...they will easily feel impatient and up set even like to give up when they are not able to handle the things they are doing...but very weird is i didn't realize my secondary schoolmate will become this de wor...May be this just was happened in my UNI friends only ba...>.<

I know that sometimes we had put many many effort on what we are doing..but our effort can't make sure that we can success it on that things...But at least we had try our best to do it...=)
is it?? my friends~~
What will be happen at the next moment we don't the snow fall down on the ground we still don't know they will end up as rain or remain as snow...=)

No matter what is happen...the things i sure that is our parents and our friends will alway stand beside us to give us support forever...=)

Trying to become a blogger :D

Hello...everyone!! Nice to meet u all here...
juz start to become a beginner of the blog....=)

Hahaha...y my nickname is ultaman...>.<
this question should throw to my Uni friend lor....but if u observe well then u will realize it...=)
from my own pic..LOLOL ^^

Emm....y i suddenly create a blog for myself ler?? initiation from my Uni frenz, JOSEPH!!!! He is 1 of my university frenz and my playful(carzy!!!) housemate... samor i m having my sem break now....nothing to do then create a new blog for myself...Hahahah~~coz i dun wan become a mold in my sem break and Chinese New Year XD

Everything in the blog world also quite fresh for me.... >.<
So, have to learn a lot of things from my frenz, joseph and puiyeng on how to improve my own blog...

i m trying my best to become a good blogger and moving to a wonderful sem break!! ^^